My poupette: what does it really mean???

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  1. Just wanted to ask one more question of the "experts" here. What does the authentication of "my poupette" mean -- if anything? In the high end purse world -LV Balenciaga, etc., some sellers say their particular item has been authenticated by my poupette. Is this reliable and or reputable info ? THANKS:wtf:
  2. I think it depends on who you ask, because everyone has their own opinion. I've used them in the past (before I found the Purse Forum!) and I found them to be valuable. They saved me from buying some fakes over the years.
  3. For the most part they are reliable in their "opinions" on authenticity. I prefer, and this is a personal thing ONLY to use CarolDiva. She used to be a MPRS and is now doing authentications on her own. She is fast, friendly, and very helpful.
  4. If someone is My Poupette Reccomended Seller it means that they have applied to Mypoupette to become an "MPRS"
    They have to apply, MP looks at their ebay history and then they have to pay MP like $45 a year, they have to sign some contracts, get a book on authentic LV and a bunch of stuff like that.
    Then they can use the MPRS logo on their Ebay auctions.
    I don't think MP actually checks up on these sellers because they have been caught selling fakes by our members here who then have reported it to MP (so if they were checking up on them they would have caught it).
    So - it means that they are probably reliable buit always come here for double checking !
  5. One of the IMPORTANT things MyPoupette does is that PayPal accepts her authentication letters as a proof of a fake if you get scammed on ebay. So she helps a lot of people out with her service. Also there are people who put the logos in their auctions who are not actually a member.
  6. I used MyPoupette recently and won a credit card dispute because of the non-authenticity statement they sent me. It seems their opinions are held in high regard with credit cards and PayPal.
  7. I wouldn't trust the sole word of a seller that their item was authenticated, I'd still check it out for myself.
  8. years ago i heard they were the main sellers of the triple AAA+ quality fakes no one could tell then.
  9. The bottom line to this really is like anything else.. use every resource you can. MPRS is a resource to authentic LV's... however, I am sure like anything else there has been slip ups as they are made up of members. Yes, the members fill out lengthy applications and have to submit I think like 50+ authentic LV's in a good transaction etc to even be considered a recommended. I think there are levels of MPRS sellers too from what I read on their site. PayPal and Ebay do recognize them however as LV and other designer authenticators, so they are a great resource to have in disputes.
  10. Paypal will take the expert opinion of any long-time LV seller/authenticator whether they are MPRS or not. So no need to pay $$ to MP if you have a friend who sells a lot on Ebay who can write a letter for you. ;)
  11. I didn't know that - thanks for sharing =)
  12. doesn't mean as much as I thought it did:tdown:
    My friend got totally ripped off with an item not as described and the owner of the poupette wouldn't even address the situation.
    I have since heard of other people having similar situations with her.

    However - I have heard Excellent things with Carol diva.
  13. I have used caroldiva and found her to be, quick to respond, very helpful, and reasonably priced. ( And I won my claim!)
  14. my poupette is reliable.
  15. I used to think it was a great service until I discovered otherwise...they grew too big too fast and are NOT experts on all brands. She ruinned a sale for me on my Authentic Chloe bag.....She had no clue what she was talking about and stated my bag was fake and I had to refund, when in fact my bag was 100% authentic as per Aloha Rag and Chloe NY. The person I dealt with there was a ***** about it and very unapolagetic. I would never deal with them again....

    That whole story was posted on the ebay subforum back when it happened a while ago....