My Poupette Sellers buying FAKE LV on Ebay

  1. So I buy alot of Vuitton on eBay and I know most of the My Poupette sellers buying accounts where they buy there LV to re-sell, Im sometimes outbid by them.

    Now I have seen about 5 times them buying fake. But there is one item that I bought and had checked out in the authenticate this thread and it was never made in the style the seller was selling and the datecode didnt mean anything (so it was pretty easy to tell if you know datecodes), anyway I told the seller I would not pay for the item since it was FAKE. Then the seller re-listed it and a MPRS who has a buying account (she won it on this account).

    Well what do you think about MRPS buying FAKE Vuitton on eBay to re-sell ?.
  2. That's awful! It definitely makes me more wary about buying anything from a MPRS seller - it's so annoying that now even MPRS sellers can't be trusted... I'll make sure to get everything I might consider buying from eBay authenticated. I do remember seeing Fashionphile selling a fake Fendi spy a while ago....Scary...
  3. this is also the reason i don't even buy from 2nd hand boutique with store front. your post has just makes me even more certain Not to buy from anyone other than LV boutique :sweatdrop:.
  4. i think the tPF LV authenticate this thread is waaaaaaay more reliable. I love you guys up there :winkiss:
  5. i always check out my bags to see if they are real - MPRS or not, sometimes people make mistakes, and sometimes people just want to knowingly deceive you...its prob really hard for MP to keep track of all their sellers too
  6. Ouch :push:
  7. That is horrendous and such a bummer as there could be such a great resale market for LV if people with integrity were involved.
  8. This is the reason why I do not buy my bags on ebay. You just never know, even from these sellers who are claimed to sell only authentics.
    It's so sad that they are trying to weasel money out of money and being dishonest, they should be shut down. Where is the ethics?????

    Good thing that you caught on quick and didn't end up with a fake friend!
  9. I'm very skeptical of buying on eBay anymore. You just never know....the place is crazy!!
  10. I know you can't tell us...but I am really curious to know which MPRS (s) you are talking about.

    I have a few favorites that I usually buy from and never had a problem...I sure hope it isn't any of them!
  11. ok, this thread got moved even thought it was about Louis Vuitton But I dont agree that people shouldnt buy off ebay because there are LOTS of sellers who are selling 100% authentic goods but there are a small number who are spoiling this.

    If I do not know if the item was made or I think it may be fake then I will ask in the authenticate this, but I also think MPRS should If they are unsure. I have seen too many buying fakes and Ive even e-mailed My poupette about it and they did nothing.
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  13. I hate to say it but I've seen it too...even with a few bidders I've gotten outbid on for something I really wanted (may be an MPRS, I don't know). Since I check ebay for fakes to report quite a bit (lol just check my posts in the Report This thread, I do it all the time), I see a couple of them bidding on the items I'm reporting!
    I wonder, do they know or do they not know?
  14. This thread got moved to the LV Shopping section as it fell into that category. :yes:

    It bugs me when someone says that you can alway trust a MPRS seller... I've seen quite a few selling fakes, and have reported them too... yet, never got a response back. :shrugs:
  15. Keep watching for re-sellers, they buy a HUGE amount of LV and if you check their feedback you can see some fakes. I allways get mine checked on here if Im not 100% sure but I think some of them should do too :flowers: