My Poupette seller sold me a FAKE bag! WTF should I do!? *LONG **HELP!

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  1. I've got no qualms about stating that I am not enamored in the least with My Poupette, and the name does not entice me to buy certain items. However, when an MPRS seller has nearly 2000 feedback on eBay, I think I can be fairly certain that I am buying an authentic purse.


    I BIN'ed a brand new, never used Marc Jacobs Blake. The zipperheads were rounded, the nameplate looked spot-on, and it looked legit to me. A BIN of $399 pushed me over the edge, and I snapped that puppy up!

    For good measure, and just to make sure, I posted the item on the authentication thread. Within minutes, I was informed that I had bought and won a fake.:yahoo:(smiley is sarcasm!)

    A short time later, someone else stated the bag was fake and gave me the reasons why. Apparently the zipperheads were too round, and there should never be plastic protective coating on the nameplate.

    The seller sent me an invoice today, and I responded with this:

    ]Hello, unfortunately, I have been informed by my fellow members at the purse forum that this bag is fake. I would like to cancel this transaction by mutually agreeing not to complete the transaction through the dispute console, if you'd like. FYI: Apparently, Marc Jacobs handbags never come with protective plastic on the nameplates, and the zipperheads on this bag are incorrectly shaped, if you werent aware of this.

    Do you think my letter is okay? Should I say more? Less? Nothing?

    Undoubtedly, Im not paying for this bag; but I am wondering if there is anything else I should do.

    Also, has this happened to anyone else? Im kind of stoic/shocked right now!:wtf::tdown:

    Edit: I have now received these responses from the seller.

    hi. I am confused about this. I taped the MJ plaque to prevent scratching when my daughter took pictures. The lady who gave it to me to sell for her is a DR's wife down the block. She
    doesn't do eBay and I don't think she knows how to buy a fake...I don't except for eBay. What is wrong with the zipper shape? Are you taking an expert's word on this. I have found most purse forum people don't have a clue what they are talking about. This is a limited edition bag and it could be different. I am thinking perhaps I should send this with my daughter to Chicago later this week where she has business for her job. I don't have anywhere to authenticate here.
    When I called MJ in San Francisco which is the one my daughter has shopped at, everything appeared to check out. I am very curious as to what you think is wrong with the zipper fobs?
    I would appreciate if you check out your information directly with MARC JACOBS and not with the purse forum non experts.

    and this one:

    If you call Marc Jacobs store and check out your information and get name and number I can call and verify, I will be happy to cancel out auction. But I find it hard to believe my neighbor who I have known 15 years was given a fake by a family member. If Marc Jacobs says they
    are shaped wrong and I can verify, I will give it back to her and cancel out auction, certainly.
    Curious? Why bid if you have a problem? thanks
  2. I just got this message from her. Agh, what should I do!?

    One more thing...I have looked at the other BLAKE bags and my fobs are EXACTLY like the other ones. I have no problem letting you out of auction if you don't want bag but I am offended that you would accuse me of selling fakes. I would never ever do so intentionally. Please call Marc Jacobs and verify your information as to shape of fobs as this listing are just like the other BLAKE shapes. Also, who in the purse forum says this is fake? I want to contact ebay as I really don't appreciate that. They should contact me and not buyers. It is not even legal on ebay for people to contact people's buyers.
    And why not find this out BEFORE ending my auction. I had over 20 people watching it. Please
    call MJ and then email me back. I will call who ever you spoke to and then of course let you out of auction. I will not based on some anonymous person on a forum that does not have the courtesy to email me but to contact a buyer AFTER a sale.
  3. I kind of like her. I think she sounds extremely reasonable.

    The only thing I never trust is when someone else got it as a gift. I do, in fact, know people who buy replicas to give other people, so I wouldn't bid on a bag that was received as a gift.

    On the other hand, your bag sounds like it could be legit. Is it possible to get authenticated again?
  4. Well I just got a third opinion who says its fake.

    I also got this response from the seller:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]one more thing, I have called powerseller rep at 1866-515-3229 his name is SPENCER. He is also having them take a look at the bag. Feel free to call him. I don't sell fakes and want to clear this up.

    I have no clue what to do!


  5. I don't think one has to know how to buy a fake, does one? They are readily available, almost everywhere, in my experience. Often more readily available than the real thing!

    Oh, that's nice! :rolleyes:

    Way to make friends and influence people! :nogood:

    I think she sounds dodgy - most MPRS are with us, not against us.

    I have heard of MPRS selling fakes, or mixing fakes in with authentics, before. :yes: Just because they are MPRS, doesn't mean they are all 100% honest and/or infallible; especially when they are selling brands they are unfamiliar with (as it sounds as though she is).

    Also, I'm sure you've checked her out, but there are also sellers who pretend to be MPRS when they aren't actually on the list...

    Really? I don't! :nogood:

    Anyway, I thought she said that; 'She doesn't do ebay and I don't think she knows how to buy a fake...'? Which I assumed to mean that she bought it herself? Not that it was a gift! :shrugs:

    Dodgy. :s

    Um, because you are a MPRS and so, should be reliable!!! :rolleyes:

    I think your email was fine and that you are absolutely right to trust your fellow established tPFers, who know their MJ, over a seller like her, who apparently doesn't and who can't even make up her mind how her 'doctor's wife friend' is supposed to have acquired this bag and I certainly wouldn't pay her a penny, either. :nogood:
  6. Well I just got a third opinion who says its fake.

    I also just got this response from the seller:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]one more thing, I have called powerseller rep at 1866-515-3229 his name is SPENCER. He is also having them take a look at the bag. Feel free to call him. I don't sell fakes and want to clear this up.

    I have no clue what to do!


  7. Thanks for your kind words!

    I dont plan on paying but it sounds like she wants me to pay i I dont get Marc Jacobs authentication. I dont know what to do; should I call Marc Jacobs, the powerseller number she provided me, something else?
  8. ^ No problem! :flowers:

    Hang on, I'm sure Spencer is a nice guy, but why would a Powerseller rep know anything about designer handbags and their authenticity, or lack of it? :shrugs:

    You could also get it authenticated by a professional service, of course, or via MJ (assuming they do reliable authentications, which many designers don't and I wouldn't take the word of most SAs! :nogood: ), but I'd let her prove it's authentic; if she wants to try.

    Seeing as you haven't paid, yet, I don't see why it's your job to prove it's fake anymore than you already have by having it authenticated here.

    BTW, if she leaves you a neg for non-payment, you can always leave her one back saying that three members of tPF said it was fake (it'll be removed, but the words should stay there). In fact, you should probably do that, anyway, to warn others. :yes:
  9. I would definetly call all the numbers to have her the situation checked out. This way you can protect yourself, she does seem reasonable though.

    BTW what is the seller's name? If she's potentially selling fakes then I want to avoid her!
  10. I don't know how a powerseller rep would know anything to prove/disprove whether it is fake.

    IMO, I would call MJ and see whether it is supposed to have a serial tag and verify as much else as you can. They may not give you accurate information though- LV is notorious for stating that there are no date codes in the bags- which there truely are.

    Can't MyPoupette or Caroldiva authenticate it for the seller?

    She said she has no way to authenticate where she lives, and based authenticity on a phone call to MJ SFran and the word of the neighbor. Ouch, doesn't sound good.
  11. hi everyone and happy new year,

    i have just been reading the problem about the fake marc jacobs handbag. this has happened to me as a seller several times in the past that a person has accused me of selling a fake item and believe me the items were purchased from actual high end stores and i had the receipts to proof of where they came from.i did the same thing that your seller is doing with you and e-mailing.the seller has lost potential buyers,time on e-bay.the seller has to start all over again,which is nerve racking.believe me ,no one wants a reputation as a corrupt seller.most os the time if the buyer does not want to listen to reason,i give up and go my own way and block the person from bidding on my auctions in the a seller i also will say that there are a lot of buyers out there that question an auction after they have won it just to get an additional money off. as a seller we get frustrated also. your person sounds like they are actually trying to work with you. you can ask for a receipt or some other form of authentication.

  12. She's obviously getting ready to accuse you of 'buyer's remorse'! :rolleyes:

    Perhaps reassure her that you don't, necessarily, think it's intentional, but that it may be an oversight?

    I think you should definitely tell her that you are a member here and so chose to have the bag authenticated and that you were not contacted by tPF members.

    Maybe give her a link to the MJ authentication thread?

    If she is an honest seller and there is the slightest chance that the bag is a fake, she should be glad that someone has found out before paying and that she didn't sell it to someone who might have never find out.

    As a MPRS, she should be far more interested in not selling fakes than she is in protecting her bottom line.

    I'm sorry to say that she really isn't coming across as honest, or reliable, to me. :nogood:

    What should it really matter to her, even if someone from here had emailed you, after the sale? Surely what matters most is that she doesn't sell fakes (knowingly, or unknowingly)? :shrugs:

    Having said that, as I say, I really think you should let her know that you were not contacted, but had it authenticated here yourself. :yes:

  13. I have to disagree...

    With respect, you are talking about bags that you have purchased, personally, so know are, almost certainly, authentic (although, the occasional switch can occur instore, as we all know here, but that's another story).

    This seller claims to have acquired this bag from a 'DR's wife down the block' and she doesn't even appear to know how this 'DR's wife' acquired the bag! :nogood:

    Therefore, the situation is completely different, IMO.

    Also, a receipt proves nothing - they can be (and are) easily faked and even the authentic ones just prove that the seller, or someone they know, has purchased a bag of that type; not that that is the actual receipt for the bag in question.

  14. Exactly. :yes:

    It's very odd that a true MPRS (if that's what she is) doesn't know how to get a bag authenticated properly, isn't it? :s

    Don't MP authenticate MJ, then? :shrugs:

  15. BTW, who on earth are 'them'? :confused1:

    Curiouser and curiouser! :sweatdrop:
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