My Poupette ebay

  1. Is a seller with a my poupette referring is a real guarantee that you are buying authentic items? :confused1:

    can you buy with closed eyes?

    Thanks !
  2. Mistakes can happen and in the past there have been my poupette sellers that have listed fakes. You should always look at each bag and do not blindly trust any seller.
  3. Oh, thanks for your help !
  4. even though sellers claim they are mypoupette sellers, its always good to double check their item is in fact authentic.
  5. there have also been sellers on eBay who have claimed that they are MPRS when in fact they aren't so check the mypoupette website for verification first...
  6. OK, thanks to you all.... I'll remember that nothing's better than checking for the purse forum advice!
  7. Nothing is infalable however there are several MPRS that are excellent and you will see some of them mentioned in the LV threads. I have my own favorites. Again, do double check with the mypoupette site to verify they are a seller as some have claimed it and not been. No, they are not perfect although the few I have dealt with were awesome, only one bad experience with a MPRS seller and it was not about authenticity however. Just double check the MPRS site, then maybe even post it in the authenticate this thread for a double check and you should be hopefully ok.
  8. OK, Thank you!
  9. MPRSes are generally safe regarding authenticity, but make sure you are buying from one that completely describes the condition of the bag. Many do not, and expect you to determine it from photos alone. There are also plenty of good sellers who aren't MPRS, many of whom don't want to pay an annual fee just to use the MPRS logo. ;)
  10. how complicated to buy a bag on eBay !! Thank you for your input!