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  1. I've recently started taking a more active role in the forum and posting (rather than just lurking LoL:lol:). Since I have an appreciation in almost all designer handbags, I've been posting in a variety of threads. My problem is that I've been trying to go back and look at my posts, by going to my profile and choosing "find posts by Kimstyle", but it says that I'm not authorized to do so. I'm not allowed to look at my own posts?:wtf: Am I doing something wrong? TIA!
  2. Vlad is updating the search function so for right now its off. You will be able to read them once he gets it up and running again!
  3. OOOOhhh, thanks! I thought when everyone was talking about the 'search function', they were speaking of a keyword search or Balenciaga City (taking you to all the BC posts)...wait, is there one of those as well?? :wondering
  4. Searching for posts, searching for terms, searching for other member's posts, are all gone right now :yes: