My postman wake me up this morning.....

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I never do this before.... but since i'm hurrying for work
    this is the best i can do before i get home again.....

    a little picture..... and please guess what is it.......

  2. Cherry! What is it?? Ack!
  3. Ooh, coolness! Gotta love the EMS package!
  4. What is it?:graucho: Is it from let-trade? A wallet?
  5. Oh I wonder what it is!
  6. It's a flat LV - it from let-trade? Honestly, I suck at guessing games -i have no clue!! can't wait to find out what it is!!

  7. Wallet???
  8. Ohh, cerises cles???
  9. my guess is pomme cles
  10. Cerises compact wallet? ;)

  11. I was guessing that too...but she checked it on Jan, 14...:shrugs:
    EMS package should be delivered in 4 days, so not sure...?
  12. oh gosh..did she really leave us hanging!! ack!!
  13. :whistle:
  14. just finish shower

    someone already got it...(guess from my sign. hehheee...)

  15. I got this from a very nice tPF-er in a great price!

    my BF saw my package he was like :cursing: and give me a face : WTF not again.....