My post on how to care for your bags ;)

  1. hi gals! i made a post on my blog for my friends today about how to take care of their bags. I kinda did my best and wrote this for an hour so i would like to share it with my fellow tpfers as well. please do tell me if you think i had missed anything at all! thanks gals! (don't worry i am not advertising anything at the said blog. hehe)

    check it out at:

    >>--- Philosophical Style ---<<: How to care for your bags

    hope it also helps some starters out here. :smile:
  2. thanks for the info :P
  3. thanks a lot pixie!!!
  4. no prob gals! do leave comments! ;)
  5. Nice write up...this is kinda of topic and dont feel like creating a new thread just for this one question...but since you know so much on maintence on bags... is there a solution for getting rid of a pen mark on a white bag...i forgot which bag my friend had...but the leather was soft (if that helps)
  6. Hi Pixiedust, and thanks. The only thing I can find over here are those oiled sponges from shoe repair shops. They do a great job. Also, a clean, smooth, slightly oiled bag will not scratch so easily. The oil does not seem to transfer to other items if you leave it a day.
  7. hello, I'm wondering if you could help me out here...

    I have a cream patent leather bag and the dye on my top has rubbed off onto it. I've tried wet-wipes and simply damp cloth but it wouldn't budge. I'm devasted :sad:

    could I use silicone-cased cleaners on patent leather? like the Coach cleaner? Thanks
  8. Thank you, Pixie. It's obvious you put a lot of time and thought into it. All the tips are great, but the one that had me *slapping forehead* is #5--that's so easy and would save me so much time!
  9. thanks gals!

    Gluxury and Percy pig, pen marks are one of the worst stains! nothing can get rid of them once the leather has absorbed the pigment. What I did before is used alcohol to get rid of them as much as possible with a cotton bud. and then I used sport white polish from foot locker all over and then air dried it. afterwards i treated it with apple garde. It looked a lot better after that. hope that helps! I think that may work as well with other unremovable stains. ;)

    Hello Baggy, hi! wow i would imagine japan to have a lot of shoe care innovations. hehehe!

    boxermom, you are too funny! glad i was able to help. ;)
  10. Great write up - all info on keeping our babies as gorgeous as possible is really welcome!:flowers:
  11. GREAT info!! Thanks!!
  12. Thanks! Should I use a leather conditioner on a black kooba??
  13. Thank you pixiedust! for presenting such a fabulous gift to earth residents!

    Not only are you sharing your gift for word writing, but you have made it into an invaluable resource for all who read it.

    I confess that it is something of a wake-up call for me. I have committed absolutely no acts of bag care, well, um OK, ever.

    Fortunately my decades-old collection of bags all have guardian angels who work overtime, but your post made me realize that I have been lucky, but should not push it, and start to lavish at least a bit of care on the poor bags.

    The only thing you mention that I do is use them, and change them frequently. I seldom carry the same bag on two successive days, and if a day involves more than one outing, I have been known to carry a different bag on outing #2.

    And a special thanks for the alcohol to clean canvas tip! One would think that at my advanced age, I would have learned that, it sounds so basic, but you are the first to tell me of it, and on the very day that I got a mark of something or other on one of my beige Grasshopper lace-ups!

    So please accept my thanks, and my compliments on your gift for word writing and off I go, soil-offended Grasshopper in hand, to the bathroom, home of the alcohol bottle and the Q-tip jar!
  14. thanks again gals!!!

    kimmi, i think its okay but just to be sure y not post a thread in the forum? :smile: i do not have a kooba so i am not 100% sure.

    shimmapuff, thanks!!! I'm glad i was able to help! goodluck with the cleaning and disinfecting! ;)
  15. Thanks for responding Pixie (great thread by the way...even if it did make me feel just a bit guilty:shame: but now I WILL start caring for my bags!) Thanks again!!