My "post count" went down suddenly!

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  1. This is weird. I have had over 1100 posts for some time. The other night I noticed I had 1192 (or thereabout). I don't keep up with every post, by any means, but by accident I noticed the number a couple of nights ago, and it was 1190 something. Now I have 724 ??

    Wha' happened? :smile: Has anybody else had a decrease in the no. of posts that you have written? Just in the last couple of days? I'm talking about the number listed under your name on the left. :confused1:
  2. I don't think so, but this did happen once before and I believe Megs said that it was because they were cleaning up the board and deleted some old threads.
  3. Megs and Vlad mentioned that they are deleting older threads to help with the system, I know they were in the process of deleting the 1,000,000 posts game thread, I don't know if it's been deleted or not, so if you particpated a lot in that thread, that's probably why your post number is down.
  4. Hmmm. I noticed the same thing too. This really sucks bc I almost had enough to apply for access to the Marketplace :sad:
  5. ^^ That may be it. I was working so hard to help Megs get it to her goal of 1 million. Then, at some point, I forgot about it. I don't think we would have gotten to that goal in a year's time though, that's for sure. (I think, but am not sure now, that this was her goal). Thanks for the explanation!
  6. Man, that kinda sucks
  7. Sorry, I've no idea - I don't usually pay any attention to the number of posts I make, mainly because I don't want to see how much work I've not been doing by loitering and posting in TPF.:nuts:
  8. As far as I remember, two days ago my post count was around 200 posts more than now! What happened? :shrugs:
    It's a little strange, lol! :upsidedown:
  9. Someone else said this in a different thread...

    Umm... I need to talk to Vlad to talk to the techs. I have NO idea
  10. Mine was down too, I noticed last night. I was thinking the 1,000,000 thread had finished and was removed so posts were deleted?
  11. Still, I doubt I contributed 200 posts in the 1,000,000 thread!...

    Megs, thanks for your interest! :heart:
  12. I noticed that as well. It was enough to temporarily knock me back below 1000, that's why I noticed.
  13. I have no idea how many posts I have. . .

    posting so I can see now! :p
  14. Now that I read this, I have lost many post. That really sucks.
  15. hmmmm...I don't think mine have dropped at all but now I wonder?
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