My post being removed from the Deals & Steals forum



I posted a link earlier today to a sale going on at my eBay store. I sell 100% authentic designer items and have been a lurker or this forum for quite awhile with several customers who recommended this site to me in the first place. I am a bit curious as to why it is OK to post links to Neiman Marcus and Saks sales, but to post a link to my sale (same items), it was deleted and removed and called advertising. I offered a special code for members of this forum to receive free shipping and I believe it is of genuine interest and in line with your forums. Furthermore, I did post this in the Deals & Steals forum which is exactly what this was informing other members of. I would greatly appreciate some feedback as to why this is not acceptable. Is it because I posted it myself as the owner? Should I have one of my customers that is a member here re-post it for me like Neiman Marcus and Saks customers have for their sales? I'd just like to know where the line is drawn in a case like this. Just because my store is not as high profile as NM or Saks does not mean that it is not of interest to your customers. It is online and ships worldwide and we have a reputation of excellent personalized customer service.

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Jan 16, 2006
Firenze, Italy
Dear Be-Luxe, I think that if you read through the TPF rules here you will find the motivation for the removal of your post:

Buying/Selling on tPF
  • Public selling/buying/trading is not permitted. Threads of WTS or WTB nature will be locked or deleted.
  • Soliciting your items for sale via Private Messages is prohibited.
  • Selling of personal items is only permitted in the invite-only Marketplaza. Instructions on how to gain access are posted here.
Promoting your business
  • Store/business promotions in form of signature or profile links are only permitted for well established members with 500+ posts and 3+ months of membership.
  • Soliciting via Private Messages or spamming the forums with links to your business is prohibited.
  • For advertising opportunities, please contact an Administrator.
Probably you broke one - or several - of these rules. There is no punishing intent, but the moderators are very strict about abiding the rules with every member, even the "oldbies". You are a new member, so you have to be a little patient until you become an established member of TPF.

Apart from this, welcome to the Purse Forum! I hope you stay with us, despite of this initial difficulty!


Jan 12, 2006
^thank you for posting that!

I removed your post, no one here is ever permitted to post their auctions or eBay ID, we're consistent about that and thankfully the members agree so that every Forum isn't full of people spamming their eBay auctions.
We have thousands of eBay seller shere, including me.
I'm a Moderator and I can't even post mine!