My Possible Christmas gift

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  1. Hi, so I have been wanting the Wonderland Flat Ranger boots in monogram. I have been looking at them and asked my husband if I could get them for Christmas. He of course was like no way , so yesterday he says I can have them if they are my present for multiple holidays. Anyway I am not sure if they are really worth it . I like them and really want them but they are not the most practical and really expensive .i am trying to talk myself out of them but I really love them.
  2. Personally I don’t see the practicality of them. If I were to get LV shoes I would get more timeless shoes for special occasions or a pair of trainers.
    I would safe the funds and get a new bag or SLG.
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  3. I've always been hesitate with luxury footwear as I have a hard time spending that much money on something I'll just scuff on the dirty streets and I know will eventually wear out. But that's my anal-retentive/clumsy side talking. Personally I'd rather spend my money on a great bag that I'll get a lifetime of use out of.
  4. I would not pay for LV shoes . I’d rather have a bag or accessory.
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  5. If you can afford them and really love them, why not. I think they are really cute! Are they worth it price wise or practical I would say not really. I don’t spend that kind of money on shoes though I love bags more. My only worry would be is spending that kind of money and then they aren’t comfortable to wear.
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  6. I used to feel this way. But I realized that I wear my shoes a lot more frequently than I use a bag. So I am really enjoying my first pair of LV shoes and am wearing them all the time. I wouldn't buy them if I couldn't wear them a lot.
    If you love the shoes and they are comfortable and would have lots of opportunities to wear them, I would go for it.
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  7. I had them and ended up selling them. I have other LV shoes and boots but for some reason it bothered me having monogram on my boots. Even though my bags and scarves are monogram, I just did not like it on my boots. I’m not sure why as I have monogram sneakers.
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  8. I love these and would definitely buy. Most of us have too many bags to wear or make real use of. These look hard wearing. I say get the boots.
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