my posh twins!

  1. get it? posh (poche) twins? :smartass:

    I got the mono the other day and took a picture for the datecode thread (it starts with NO!) but never really got around to adding it to my showcase. I think it looks cute with its big damier sib!

    oops. i can't upload the other picture with the damier!!!

    You can see my other new (non LV) purchase here!
    poche19.jpg pochetwins.jpg
  2. it's cute..
  3. Cute, I really should get one of these !
  4. Very nice! they look really good together, too! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Nice:yes: :love: Love your title!:smile:
  6. CUTE!!!:love:
  7. Lol that's a cute name
  8. Cute! Love LV pochettes, you can't go wrong. Congrats.
  9. nice name!
  10. So cutsie!
  11. Cute twins!! Enjoy!
  12. Cute bag and title :flowers:
  13. whoa! at first I thought you got a boob job!

    nice pieces BTW...
  14. LOL! But how would that be on an LV thread? (maybe if I got tattoos? One L and one V? eeks!)
  15. THATS whats what was so oddd......know what else is odd? the goings-on at Club BagnShoo!