My pores and mineral make-up.......

  1. So I bought all these mineral make-up samples and am trying to figure out how to best apply mineral make-up for MY skin. I am having issues with a lot of shine about 2 hrs. after I apply the make-up. It is probably because I put a moisturizer on before the make-up. If I do not use the moisturizer, my face is way too dry and rough for the minerals to go on.
    My skin is very oily and acne prone, so I guess it doesn't like the moisturizer. I am using an oil-free moisturizer.
    Another issue is my pores..... they are huge! I have tried using primer before using the minerals but I don't really see a difference.
    At least when I used a liquid foundation, it would sink into my pores and cover them up to some extent :sad:

    So does anyone have any ideas about any of this, different options I could try? I really want to use mineral make-up, I just can't seem to make it work for me......
  2. A couple of mineral makeups I like are larenim and terrafirma, which are sold at healthfood stores. I tried bare minerals and the bismuth breaks me out and the shimmer makes my pores look huge. Which MMU have you tried? I see that they're so different.

    I also like tinted moisturizers, even with my oily skin. Some good ones, if you dont mind limited coverage, is paula's choice sheer tint and prada's hydrating gel tint. Prada's is a bit more matte and have a fluffy texture, so it has an edge over PC's for me.
  3. If you search bare escentuals foundation on Amazon, take a look at the most helpful review (by a makeup artist). She says to fix any skin problems before using mineral makeup otherwise the mineral makeup makes it more noticeable. So you need to up your skin regimen especially adding some exfoliation and toner steps. Hope that helps. I have acne prone skin, but with those extra steps plus continued use of clean and clear, bare escentuals makes my skin so airbrushed.
  4. I use mineral makeup too, I guess the trick is to select a moisturizer and a mineral foundation formula that works best for your skin, as each person reacts differently to different brands.

    If you're experiencing too much shine, you could use a dusting powder over foundation, or select a more matte foundation formula next time. I find that a dusting powder helps minimize pores and fine lines. Works for me but may not work on others. My friend dusts her finishing powder under foundation on a moisturized face. Keep trying.
  5. It looks like we pretty much have the same skin type! I have dehydrated, oily skin, and it sounds like if your skin gets too dry without moisturizer, yours is dehydrated as well. Continue using the moisturizer (perhaps you even need something richer!). I was told by my dermatologist that my skin gets oily BECAUSE it is dry. Drink lots of water and keep hydrating your skin!

    With that said, I have tried mineral makeup and have worn them for a few months, but eventually gave up because they were not suitable for my skin and my skin was MUCH better without them! I now use liquid foundation, which seems to be more hydrating for my skin so it doesn't get as oily. If you want to keep using mineral makeup, try moisturizing more and perhaps try keeping some powder around for touch-ups. That's the best I could do, so I gave up!
  6. I definitely would NOT recommend Bare Minerals for you. My skin was completely destroyed as I have said in other posts after I used Bare Minerals for 2 years. Pores were huge, my skin went from combination to full oily and I had lots of acne issues that took over 4 months to clear up with peels and AHA gel. If I were you, I'd stick with Chanel foundation - Teint Naturel or Vitalumiere. :smile:
  7. i cant use minerals alone either. it wrecked my skin. made it look tired and old.

    tinted moisturizers are my best friend. i use sephora brand...god its SOOO good and affordable! its a teeeeny bit runny, but thats great for me because it smoothes over your skin gently. I dust my tm off with Too Faced invisible powder and man...the results are better than any mineral make up i've used.

    Bare Minerals broke me out, EM seemed a tad rough (not finely milled), and I currently have some left over Laura Mercier which i dust lightly over my TM for a going out look cuz its more coverage. But I wouldnt use minerals just by itself anymore to get the coverage i want, my skin just ends up looking not as good. Dusting teeny portions over TM is ok for me for now. If its all gone, I will not repurchase mineral make up again.
  8. :yes::yes:

    I totally agree.
    I have never seen it look good on anyone and it totally makes your pores stand out more:tdown::tdown::tdown:
  9. Thanks for all of the comments so far......

    I got some samples from Everyday Minerals, Joppa Minerals, and Ocean Mist Minerals. I'm having problems finding the right shade of foundation, but that is another story...
    I don't like the Ocean Mist Minerals, it does not feel good on my face. The Everyday Minerals are ok, seems kind of rough and does not go on as smooth as the Joppa Minerals, which is the best of the 3 IMO. None of these have bismuth in them. I did not even try Bare Minerals because of the bismuth.
    I have ordered a Sheer Cover starter kit, waiting for it to arrive. Maybe it will be better.
    Maybe I should try a tinted moisturizer. surferchick2 , are the 2 you mentioned oil-free......paula's choice sheer tint and prada's hydrating gel tint? missD how about the Sephora brand?
    I am using the home dermabrasion kit from Olay, and I only use witch hazel as a toner because it is so natural & non-drying.
    I am using the Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer.
    Today I used my old stand-by Cornsilk loose powder over the make-up to alleviate the shine. Funny thing though.... I was shiny all day, but earlier I fell asleep watching tv with my toddler and when I woke up my face was not shiny even though I had make-up on.... normally if I did that with my liquid make-up my face would look like an oil slick :yes:

    I KNOW I need to drink more water, I have always heard that is a staple to good skin care. I just don't like the taste *L*

  10. I.D Bare Minerals made my face and neck itch, and it made me break out. Not to mention that it made the fine lines in my face and my pores even more visible. It looked really good in pictures, though, so in that sense I do kind of miss it a little. I ordered Everyday Minerals recently, but have only tried it once so I can't really give an opinion on it. For some reason, I seem to have gone back to liquid foundation. My skin is much better now that I've stopped using BM, plus have started exfoliating more often, and using an aspirin and honey mask, so I don't really need as much coverage as I used to.
  11. I totally agree! I have oily/comb skin and it made me look like I had mud on my face with huge pores after a couple of hours. I even had a makeup artist apply it for me to show me how to use it. I remember the first time I tried it several years ago, before it became popular, and my then bf was like "why is your face dirty?". I think mineral makeup is good if you have dry skin. The makeup I have used for the last couple of years is Armani. It stays matte longer than anything and it doesn't irritate my skin. I also use rice blotting papers to help stay shine free.
  12. Sadly seems like so many people fall for the marketing - not the mirror.
  13. I know Paula's Choice is oil free, and a true tinted moisturizer...and the full name is Barely There Sheer Tint, because it really is barely there. If you pretty much have nothing to cover and just like to even out your skin & moisturizer, then I'd try this. I'm not sure about the Prada's but I had tried it out and as someone who has big pores and oily skin, this is one of the best for combo/oily. It doesn't break me out at all and the mousse-like texture seems to make it semi-matte. It's worth a try, and I had literally tried everything out there. You can always return these if they don't work. The prada's a bit expensive for multidoses, but one in a while you can find it at TJMaxx or Marshall's at a fraction of the cost (like 75% off!). Either way, I'd pay full retail for these and I wouldnt with any other TM. Both have 20 spf, although they're not full spectrum.

    If I use a mineral makeup, it's usually a bit more than a finishing powder. Anything that has much coverage is a big no no for me. Also, the heavier ones have a tendency to oxidize on me, even if I lightly brush it on, and I get that nice fake tan look. :tdown:
  14. I have combo skin and BE has never looked dirty on my face. I think the issue might be that people use too much of it. My best friend when she started using it the first time she caked it on there and used to much then yes your face looks dirty.. and your pores are magnified if you only use a little bit and build coverage in areas that you need then it works. It takes more then one or two times to get it. It also helps to use a primer. that just my two cents... i've used it almost everyday for 4 years. everytime i stray away from the it to something eles i break-out.
  15. I've tried BE several times and even tried to go back to it thinking the last time might have been a fluke. It really depends on your skin because i prefer light coverage anyway and it didn't matter how I applied it, it always settled in or didn't look right after a while. Plus, it has a touch of shimmer and that will only excentuate them. I think if pores are almost non-existant, then this is a good mmu for that person. Even if it did look good, the bismuth gave me big bumps. Not just breakouts, but itchy bumps, something no other product has given me.