MY POPPY TOTE IS HERE!!! Thanks to you guys!!!

  1. OMG IT IS GORGEOUS!! (although way smaller than i thought, it is gorgeous!!!)


    Please excuse the humongous mess of my room!!!


  2. yeah, its the smaller gallery tote, that's the thing that kept me away too

    but its GORGEOUS! looks great with your turquoise shirt too!

    good job!
  3. Kat I adore that bag. I have been wanting one for ages. I love your white shoes-too cute!!
  4. The Poppy Tote is gorgeous and it will go with so many things. The size looks terrific on you. Congratulations!
  5. It's lovely! Congratulations. :tup:
  6. Ohhh! :tup: Congratulations! She is a beauty! I :heart: the poppy!

    Are you going to use it as an everyday piece or when your in the mood for something special? :smile:
  7. It looks beautiful on you!! :yes: Is the flower made from suede? It's very nice!!:smile:
  8. LOVE it! The poppy will always be a fave of mine as it got me hooked on Coach! I will pull my Demi out this weekend in your honor!
  9. Beautiful bag! It looks great on you and personally, I like the smaller one better! :yes:
  10. thanks guys!!!! i love it!! the size kind of turns me off a little bit, but my laptop fits in it!! i mean it sticks out a little bit but no biggie! plus i cant really wear it under my arm if i have a coat on.. the straps are not adjustable for some reason... weird huh??

    foxxy the flower is made of suede and leather pieces sewn together... its really cool... thats the only reason why i love this bag... the flower itself is gorgeous and so intricate and detailed... and it wasnt all that dirty like the listing said.. u barely notice it!
  11. lol thanks krispin!
  12. love it! it looks great on you!!
  13. Kat I love your poppy tote!! Congrats I love my poppy suede tote and that would look great for summer!!
  14. Soooooo pretty! :heart:
  15. I love mine I bought it last is a tad small but I love it and will never part with it. I get so many gushing over it.