My Poppy Marcie Satchel

  1. Stunning!!! Woweee, is she pretty or what? Congrats! It is scary to think how long my wish list can be...same bag...sooooo many colours!
  2. Just stunning! congratulations and may you have many happy outings together! Can I ask which photo is truest to the color IRL?
  3. Yeah...Chloe bags are addictive. Unfortunately, this bag would be my last purchase for awhile. Bought too many bags last year.....need to save money now.

    The truest color would be pic 1&2. However, on a very bright sunny day, it would show a slight orange tint to it.

    Thank you! Go run and get yourself this bag. Repeat this three times "I deserve it!" haha

    Thank you, sweety!
  4. I just came home with this too! Love it!
  5. Oh yes :smile: I've seen your pics - Tdf!
  6. Gee, your beautiful poppy Marcie just might be The One that will make me carry a red handbag again...I have owned many red bags in the past but that was years ago and although I still own 2 red leather satchels, I never carry them. I went over to almost every colour except red: purple, green, yellow, taupe, grey, all browns...some orange, white, pink + black...nothing has gotten me back to red!? Since the small Ash Marcie is sold out at Nordstrom, maybe I was meant to get a red one? Guess if I wait too long, this will sell out too. Hmmm? A little weird that I just bought the green Marcie, red & green would be so Christmas-y (not like they'd be carried together, of course).
  7. Congrats to you! Show us some pictures ok :biggrin:
  8. So pretty. I love red, but I cant imagine wearing red bags. It's hard to visualize that. Would love to see outfits with that eventually!
  9. seeing your red poppy has made me want to get one of my own! I have never owned a red bag before because I haven't found the right shade but yours is so rich and delish I absolutely cannot resist!
  10. I wish I could but I'm too shy to post outfit pics. I saw some modelling shots of Poppy Marcie from NAP that you might want to check out. The color really goes with everything though. It's very versatile.

    Go get you some, girl! I have to say that the Poppy color is such a classic red that it won't ever go out of trend.