My Poppy Disaster... (long)

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  1. #1 Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
    Well, yesterday hubby and I went to the local mall and I popped into the coach store to look around. I was admiring all the poppy bags so hubby told me I could get one if I wanted. He's such a wonderful man. So I hemmed and hawed with the SA about which would be the most durable for my life right now. I really wanted the new lilac but didn't think it would last to long. I was debating between the all black or the black and white. The SA told me they've had problems with some of the black/white bags, straps peeling. Go for the all black. I did. She wrapped her up and I took her out of the bag to inspect her before leaving to go home. I live 45 minutes away from this mall. I get home, I take her out, I put all my stuff in her, and admire my new bag. Well, I felt a tickle on my hand where I was holding the strap. There was a little piece of something, so I brush it with my fingertip and the black of the strap COMPLETELY peels off to expose the SILVER underneath. I almost fainted. I checked another spot and it literally fell off the bag. I grabbed the phone and called the Coach store and told them my horror story. Bring it back and we will give you another. Well, I live 45 minutes away, its not that easy. Well, whenever you can, come, and we'll give you a new one. Hubby told me that I should just go back now and do it, so thats what I did. I drove ALL the way back. So I go in and the SA's are all waiting for me. I tell them to be prepared for what I'm about to show them. They were SHOCKED. As I took the bag out, more peeled off and was sticking to my fingers. It was only one strap though. ( I checked the other by scraping my nail down it). As we examined it, I noticed the clear handtag that has all the colors looked like it had been melted alittle. We deternmined that the bag must have been exposed to extreme heat and cold and it damaged/effected the patent process or whatever. They brought me out a new bag and this one was looked over very carefully and you could see the difference between this one and the defective one. So anyway, now I'm happily using my new Poppy bag and its a story that has a happy ending. Thanks for reading and here she is with her little friend Grammercy Patent Mini Skinny. Don't they look all ready for Spring.

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  2. This happened to me too with the same poppy glam tote. I have now swapped it out twice. The black trim around the straps continually flakes off in big chunks to expose the silver underneath. Also, the hangtag with the sequins keeps melting (I've been through three of those). It is not hot where I live. It is snowing right now actually. The bag is never exposed to heat. When I am driving it is on the back seat where there are no vents by it. At home it sits in the closet or by the door where there are no vents by it. I am sick of replacing this bag. :wtf:
  3. Oh no. I hope this is not a defect in the bag and that I'll end up having to return this. I'm still getting over the Carly incident. I had to replace Carly 2 times before getting something else altogether. Anyone else have any bad experiences? Should I just bring her back and get something else before its too late?
  4. to be honest thats why I went with the patent version its straps are patent and I still get the all black.. I knew this because since I end up paying more no outlet to get to .. I searched ebay for cheapest price and used before I buy a nice new one.. in searching I noticed alot of this bag having the same issue so I went with the black patent.. I have never had the hang tag problem does it feel gooey mines fine :O) I personally would get a patent bag or something different its the same with some of the ocelot bags they have the same black paint on the handles or straps. Or the blue signature cobalt if its signature you like its straps are patent so no paint :O)
  5. also I search ebay for store display bags before I even buy a bag to see how well it holds up sometimes the best you can do is check lots of used bags so you know exactly what will happen.. I would get something else jmo..I guess for me for my money the bag must have lasting ability.. I'm sorry for the long ride thats really a difficult.
  6. It's rare, but some bags are just defective. I'm sorry you bumped into this issue, but hopefully this new bag will stand the test of time!
  7. yikes! that is really sucky, im gald that it was all taken care off and that you got your bag!! stinks about the drive though!
  8. Very pretty bag, I hope you enjoy!
  9. Awwww...she looks so pretty all dressed up!! I hope she holds up like she should!!
  10. eek! That's horrible! Glad you got another one, and hope that you don't have the same problem down the road.
  11. My local outlet is selling some of the glams with the sequined coach fobs on them... and they look melted too, glad I stayed away from them!
  12. Oh no!! That exact bag is on my list right now. Thanks for the heads up about it, when I get mine I will make sure to check it over very carefully! Very cute bag! Love it!
  13. I'm glad you got a good replacement. I really hope it doesn't happen again. I just started using my pocket hobo today, but I'm still a Poppy skeptic despite owning this bag. I'm really scared something will happen to my bag like the straps will start peeling or flaking. Hope everything works out! It's a very cute bag!
  14. I have heard some Poppy horror stories like this one, but never experienced it myself. I have been very happy with all of my Poppy stuff. Sorry about your fiasco, but glad everything worked out!
  15. I hope you don't go through another nightmare with your new bag! What a pain, but glad you were able to swap bags out!