My Poor Whiskey Legacy Bag

  1. My whiskey legacy shoulder bag had some stitches that were loose on the inside strap (where the strap end meets the bag). I took it to my friendly Coach boutique for repair on May 8. The store manager waived the shipping and was admiring how well I took care of the bag. She said it would take about 6 weeks. Okay, I can wait.
    I get a phone call this past Saturday from an SA who left a message that she wants to speak to me about my Legacy bag. I call her back and she tells me that my bag was lost. :wtf: I ask her how in the world that happened. She told me that Fedex lost the whole box of Coach repairs (11 bags to be exact). I bought this bag during the PCE and it was one of the last ones in the country. She gave me a full credit for the bag....but:cursing:...I want my bag back!!! Now it's floating around somewhere (maybe even show up on eBay who knows) and I want to :cry:cry. So what I really need here is some sympathy. Thanks for listening and letting me rant:hysteric:.

  2. That is absolutely TRAGIC! I'm so sorry to hear about that. I've sent several of my bags in for repair, all older bags, but none have ever been lost. I'm horrified. Keep your hopes up though. I once had an ipod show up THREE weeks after Fed MESS said it had been delivered. So I'll cross my fingers that your bag will turn up.
  3. Ugh! I hate hearing fedex stories, especially when it's out of Coach's hands :sad:
  4. Thanks for the sympathetic ears. I forgot to mention one minor detail...the box of 11 repairs never even made it to Jacksonville. It got "lost" at the fedex plant and fedex has a record of receiving it but that's it. It's gone with the wind. Look how long it took Coach to let me know!
  5. I'm so sorry that happened!
  6. OY...some fedex guy's girlfriend is having a field day! (I hope that isn't what happened, but you never know!)

    So sorry to hear that. How frustrating. What are you going to get to replace it?
  7. I'm waiting to see if anything else new comes out in the legacy line in whiskey. I love the color and the leather is so yummy. I told my SA that I wasn't crazy about the new legacy we shall see!
  8. I feel your pain..."she" (Leg. sh. bag in whiskey) is the only bag I've ever purchased a literal "back-up" for (same style and color)...I've now done multiple colors (Ali and Leg. Sh.) of a particular style, but I knew I NEVER wanted to be without this bag. Coach was sold out so I tracked one down thru Nordstrom's online help who put me into contact with a lovely SA who tracked one down in NJ for me (I'm in CA). Hope you find a whiskey in your future!
  9. You poor thing! I would absolutely cry if that happened to me. :sad:

    I'm glad to hear that Coach gave you a full credit even though it wasn't their fault, but it sucks that you can't find that bag anymore.
  10. So very sorry to hear your story! I'd be furious too. Have you check all other department stores like Dillards, Macy's, Nordstroms? You might get lucky and find one still on the shelf.
  11. I'm so sorry that this happened to you! I hope that you can find another bag (or maybe even the same bag) that you love just as much!
  12. Oh man! Well I do hope the bag shows up eventually.
  13. Dollll,

    I was at my Dillard's the other day and I spyed 2 legacy shoulder bags. I didn't take I good look, but there was a white one and a brown color one.. could be whiskey or it could have been brown. Wouldn't hurt for you to find out. Its the dillard's at the willowbrook mall in Houston, TX. phone number is

    Good luck! I hope you find one.
  14. Oh so SORRY to hear of your loss. I hope that you can find one through one of the resources that have been mentioned so far.

    Also, do you have an outlet nearby? If so, call them, speak to the manager and ask them to put you on their client track incase one shows up. You need to put multiple 'feelers' out there to try to track one down. Also, search by the style number (10328) on eBay. There are a lot of reputable sellers out there, you might get lucky. You can have your eBay search send you an email, daily, when it finds a match.

    If you cannot locate one, check out the Legacy Leigh bag(11128), the dimensions are similar. The COACH store in Annapolis, Maryland (410-266-8767) has a gorgeous one in Whiskey on display. It was returned, but there is nothing wrong with it. I am VERY picky, and I would buy this particular bag in a heartbeat! Or you can order it from COACH JAX.

    Good luck replacing your bag, I hope you're able to find something that makes your heart beat fast!

  15. I'm so sorry Dollll, maybe your bag will turn up at some point. I hope that you'll find a new bag to love.