My Poor Toki Tee!

  1. Hmm this is just to let me express my sadness for my toki tee.
    I wore my "all over small stones" tee today and you know how it's got the rhinestone toki logo on the bottom left-hand side? Well when I put the tee on in the morning all the rhinestones were there ... but then at the end of the day as I was leaving work I looked at it and one of the rhinestones came off!! :push:

    Hmm now I'm going to try to find time to get to some sort of craft store to buy rhinestones and replace the missing one. Has this happened to anyone else?

    argh that was clumsy of me ...
  2. oh poo! i have that same shirt and i was fearing the same thing..

    i've worn it a couple times and slept in it too.. do you think it would come off in the wash? i'm scaredd :s

    heheheee post #100! :biggrin:
  3. awwww, poor tee. I hope that's not common.
  4. aiiiyah, what happened? did it snag against something or rub against something hard? idk...a few of my tees have that rhinestones and none came off..or so I noticed? :X Must check.
  5. well ... I was using a zucca today .. I'm not sure if the rivets on the back of the zucca rubbed up against the rhinestones or not. The rest of the day I made sure the purse didn't rub up against me just in case. Haha I wish I knew exactly when it came off. I'm scared now because I have a couple tees with the rhinestones on them!!

    oh and as for coming off in the wash ... eek I'm scared of that too!!!
  6. Mine didnt come off yet-I've washed them a handful of times too! Hopefully it wont come off! Sorry, you can get gemtac glue--I think thats what its called for rhinestones and clothes!
  7. i have a different tee with rhinestones also..but so far it hasnt come off yet
  8. oh cool! Thanks Swtest2Lips!!