My poor Tiffany heart lock charm.......*sniff*

  1. I would just like to share this. I'm really sad 'cuz last weekend was our 6th anniversary and my b/f got me the Tiffany heart lock charm necklace. Today after yoga, I wanted to put it back on, but I DROPPED it on the hard wood flooring and scratched it in 2 places!! So sad......only worn it for 2 days.......:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. Take it to Tiffany's. Tell them the story and have them clean it. It might come off.

    That happen to me on my Return to Tiffany necklace and they removed the scratches. :yahoo:

    That's why I love Tiffany & Co.
  3. oh, good luck!
  4. Hopefully they can get the scratches out!

    Good luck...what a sweet BF! :smile:
  5. My daughter takes her 2 Tiffanys bracelets in once a month to get cleaned and buffed. All the little scratches come off and they look like new. They dont charge her, but I think normally there is a charge for it.
  6. aww that sucks! Did you go to Tiffanys and see what they could do about it?
  7. so sorry to hear this but i hope you get it fix and can enjoy it longer than two days!
  8. cooool, thanks for the story, i'lll keep this in mind if i ever get some hard scartches on my jewelery. tiffany is wonderful! great service. love them for life!:supacool:
  9. i'm sorry you dropped it...and it's sad....only after 2 days. accidents do happen but now i'm sure you'll be extra careful. that's what accidents can do, make us become more careful.
    but congrats on your 6 year anni.
  10. Thanks everyone! I've been a loyal Tiffany customer but I've never known about this kind of service until now! Wow, thanks again!
  11. i have the heart lock charm too and it has dropped twice by itself!!!

    once on the road a week after i go it. i dun even know how it came off. i'm just happy i realized it fell.

    we bought this tiffany polishing buffing cloth and that helped a lot.
  12. if it's not a deep scratch i don't see why tiffanys cant remove it. i'm sure they could. i actually dropped mine within the first week of wearing it also b/c i was taking it off before i showered and it made a tiny dent! which that i know i cant remove EVER. but i love that charm so much i still wore it all the time. it bothered me for like a day but it went away =) good luck!