My poor suede

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  1. Stupid me. Stupid stupid me. I finally wore my fuschia suede Declics out for the first time today, and I spilled one drop of ketchup or soap on one shoe, couldn't figure out what it was. I had a slightly damp napkin and ever so carefully blotted it, and now there's a nice little matted ring around the spot, and whatever dropped on the shoe has hardened. It's not the end of the world but man, it broke my heart.

    (Btw, these were treated with suede protector before I wore them...).

    Would suede cleaner help or should I just leave it alone?


  2. Do you have a suede brush?
  3. I have one that came with my UGGs care kit but I'm afraid it's too rough...
  4. I got my c'est moi dirty, and brushed it off, and that was pre-apple garde treatment.
  5. First let it dry. If you have a brush and suede cleaner, try to see what it will do over a hidden spot. Otherwise, see what a cobbler can do.
  6. :Push: Oh no!
  7. The only suede cleaner I have is for my UGGs. Trying now.
  8. Good luck! Be gentle.
  9. Oh no techie! I was going to say suede brush as well. I hope it comes off!
  10. Well never mind. It's sheepskin cleaner. Dur.

    Edit: I can't think or type straight
  11. Aww techie...I also hope it comes off!!

    I had gum stuck to a pair of navy suede Tod's, and my cobbler just removed the excess with a cloth, used one of those suede erasers, and then brushed it with a suede brush...I can't even tell were the gum was, so there is definitely hope :yes:
  12. Suede eraser? I do have this bendy eraser-like object in this care kit...I had no idea what it was. :nuts:

    I have to get some cleaner tomorrow...I thought I had some but apparently not. :sad:
  13. Those little erasers work wonders!! They even help remove jean stains :okay:
  14. sorry to hear that techie! i don't own a pair of suede yet so i have no idea what to do... but good luck! if all else fails, a good cobbler can do wonders!
  15. oh, techie. i know you're sick and worried about that spot. it will come out, whether you get it out, or a cobbler does it. :tup: