My Poor Speedy!

  1. Hi All, I just need to get this off my chest and share my sad Speedy moment with everyone. After hesitating for years, I finally bought a black MC Speedy. I brought her out for the first time today.

    And was caught in a freak rain storm!!! :nuts: All the vachetta leather parts are soaked with rain drops :nuts: :crybaby: :crybaby: I was suicidal for like, 10 mins. I just couldn't believe my luck! Now the water stains are dried but I can see light rain drop marks on the handles, the zipper tab...everywhere on the vachetta parts. My poor Speedy!!

    I'll try wiping out the vachetta with baby wipes tonight. Hopefully the marks will blend in and disappear. Wish me luck :sad:
  2. Congrats on ur purchase and sorry for the rain! I hope things will turn out good in the end, some pp say the water mark will fade a bit as the vachetta dries out....hope everything turns out good for ya!
  3. :sad: Sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed for you that it'll even out.:yes:
  4. oohh.. you poor thing.
    Hope everything goes well for you tonight
  5. Aww I'm so sorry to hear that I got caught in the snow the other day with my denim mini pleaty and I almost freaked. Thankfully it wasnt alot of smow. That why I bought a Damier Speedy for the winter months.

    I hope everything works out for you and your speedy.

  6. haha I would soo be suicidal too! I hope everything clears up..
  7. Thank you all. That was much needed sympathy and pats on the back. I really feel rotten about a brand new Speedy going through the rain trauma. Will report back to results of the spa treatment tonight. Hope the baby wipes work a miracle <sigh>
  8. sorry about the rain but congrats on your purchase.
  9. Congrats on ur new purse but so sorry about the rain :'(
    Hope the wipes work!
  10. I hope the baby wipes will work...or you might carry it more often and let the patina growing a bit to cover the water stains up.
  11. awww... what a horrible freak accident to happen to your brand new mc speedy!! I hope the spa treatment works out for you!

    Congrats though on getting the speedy!
  12. I am really sorry for you.
    I always have a big plastic bag in my bag, so when it rains I can put their "raincoat" on, that really works!!!
  13. :shocked:....ouhhhh, so sad to hear that.... :sad:... i hope baby wipes will turn into a great result :welcome:
  14. :yes::yes: sorry about your new MC speedy... but I agree with angelastoel. I always bring shopping bag from plastic material in my bag, too ( I think I'm the only one ;) )
  15. Sorry to hear about your rain storm, perhaps after it has hours to dry out they will be gone.
    If not in time they will even out..

    BTW congra'ts on your no mc speedy :smile: