My poor son...

  1. So I am feeling like a horrible mother today...

    Apparently my son had some sort of a reaction to his Halloween makeup which is odd since he used the same makeup last year and had no reaction at all. It was white and black face paint to make him look like a vampire.

    Anyways, he started to complain later that night after we had washed it off that his face was burning and itchy. We cleaned it and I told him to leave his face alone and not pick at it and not to put anything else on it. I thought maybe he just scrubbed to hard or something since I did not see anything on his face.

    He had still been complaining that his face is "ugly" and hurts so I took a look at it and he has small bumpy type things all over his face. Like his face is really chapped and raw and it feels like sandpaper. I put some Cortizone cream on his face, but was wondering what the heck I can do to help my poor guy out. My son's skin looks terrible and he is self conscious about it. I dont want it to scar up on him or anything. My step mother said to just keep using the cortizone cream and give it a few days. I am just wondering if this has happened to anyone before and what they did? How long will this take to heal and what can I do to help him? I feel awful for putting that crap on his face now....:crybaby:
  2. i think it's good advice to just continue to use the cortisone and try not to pick at the skin. i've heard of a lot of people having bad reactions to halloween makeup, but it shouldn't scar as long as you can keep him from picking at it. even if he didn't have a reaction last year, it's not uncommon for kids to develop allergies as they grow. i'm sure he'll be fine, but i feel really bad for him!
  3. Did he use the same makeup as last year as in the same makeup from last year and not new makeup of the same type? Halloween makeup is inexpensively made and will most likey become a breedng ground for bacteria after a few weeks let alone a year. Chances are good it is not the makeup that he had a reaction to but rather a bacteria or fungus that develpoed in the makeup. I would take him to a dermatologist and seek professional advice as cortizone can make some things worse instead of better.
  4. I was going to say the same thing!

    Keep putting the cream on it, and see what happens. If it doesn't look better by Monday give the doc a call. I doubt it scars, it sounds more like a little rash to me.
    Poor boy, I hope it clears up soon!
  5. The small bumpy things sound like chickenpox :sad: Maybe it's also that?

    I hope he recovers quickly. :sad:
  6. ITA to what Glam said.
  7. I think the best advice is to do as little as possible, facial skin always amazes me with its ability to heal if you leave it alone.

    Keep it clean and I'd keep going with the cortisone cream and I'm sure it will pass quickly.
  8. I am not sure if Cortisone cream will allow the skin to breath. It may clog it up more since it seems to seal in the skin. Hope you understand what I am trying to say. You don't want to make it worse by using something that may not help and you don't want a infection or scars. It may be worth seeing a doctor if it does not get better by Monday. My daughter has sensitive skin and went to the neighbors to play--well they played princess and she had some type of glitter gel makup put on her face and neck....when I got over there it literally looked like huge red blotches. The worst I have ever seen her skin. I thought she had a allergic reaction and it would get worse as time went by. I put her in the shower and got the junk off right away with aloe vera gel and cotton. I did not want to rub anything to get the glitter scraping her face. Her skin was pretty red but cleared up fast. I have stressed to her not to let anyone put stuff on her face. If you have aloe gel (I used the stuff you put on after sunburn) it did work great. I had it from summer but you can get it in any drugstore. Also maybe some baking soda with warm water on a washcloth or that oatmeal cream they have for babies in for rashes. I forgot the name--was it Aveeno???
    Good luck.

  9. No..I would never save makeup from last year to use on him the next year..It was brand new and purchased from a Halloween Store. It just happened to be the same brand. It looks a tiny bit better today and he said it is not itching anymore, so we will see how he feels by Monday. If it has not cleared up or shown major improvement by Monday, then I am going to take him to the doc. I might try some more cortizone cream tonight or some calamine lotion before he goes to bed. Thanks for all the advice! :flowers:
  10. Give him some Benadryl and put a cool wash cloth on his face if it's bothering him. Be careful not to rub his face-- rubbing tends to make it worse. If the cortisone seems to be helping I would continue with that.

    I can understand what he is going through. I have really rashy skin and I've had my eyes swell shut before, from "Sensitive Skin" products. Benadryl helps more than anything!

    I hope he feels better soon!