My Poor Sneakers :(

  1. On the eve of my birthday(the 24th), I found that my fave nike shox were stolen! I remember wearing them the night before and left them in my front door because it was wet and muddy that day. Anyway, earlier today my husband found my shoes hanging on the electricity wires a few doors down our house! I'm both embarrassed and pissed! There is no way in hell I'm fishing those sneakers! Why are they doing this?!!! Should I report it?

    Oh please don't think I'm making such a fuss over sneakers...:sweatdrop: They were my fave! Black with pink trims. :shame:
  2. WOW thats a little scary! Personally, I'm not sure I would do anything about it since usually shoes over an electricity wire is a symbol for "shady" things going on in the residence most near it. (if you want more details PM me) But if you really love them, then maybe you want to mention it to the electric company or law enforcement, and maybe they can get them down for you... or maybe better yet, its time for a new pair? Sorry about the whole situation, its really awful!
  3. Something weird happened again as DH was coming home from work... This kid was hiding behind the next door neighbor's truck, DH was looking at him and he yelled "What the eff are you looking at?" DH wanted to get a closer look at the boy and the little bugger started running. We're seriously contemplating on moving.
  4. pmed you boslvuton :smile:

    oh you know, it's in the cross street where a cop lives. how weird is that?!
  5. That is weird, but honestly living near a Cop doesn't make me feel safer! After living in the downtowns of a few major cities (Boston, Paris and New York) the only things that make me feel safe at night are my: locks, dog (who barks incessantly at any noise), and my old field hockey stick thats in between my nightstand and bed!!!:p
  6. Sorry, I can bealieve they would do that to you.
  7. It's disappointing because the reason why we moved here was because of the nice neighborhood. That's definitely not the case anymore... :sad:
  8. I wouldn't worry about the sneakers as much as I would about the shady kids in your neighborhood. I'm glad your DH let the boy know he was aware of his presence. It's sad when a couple of bad kids run good people out of a neighborhood.

    On a lighter note, this gives you a reason to treat yourself for your birthday (even more)! Mama needs a new pair of shoes! LOL
  9. so sorry!! those shoes are so cute. my ex wanted to buy for me because he had the black and red ones
  10. That sucks. At least if someone would steal my shoes I'd rather they get some use out of them instead of throwing them over a power line like it's a crack house. I sure wouldn't leave my sneaks on the porch though where I live unless I hoped they get stolen. Just part of living in New Orleans I guess.