My poor silverado...

Apr 11, 2008
Hi all, I got a whiskey colored Silverado when I was in Dublin a few years ago, and I used it alot. Unfortunately it has three problems now:

Worst: Blue ink mark, like a 3 inch long pen mark on the side, dark blue and sunk in...can this come out, or should I have the bag dyed black or chocolate or something?

2) One rivet is broken, the one that holds the handle on, and the repair place wanted to use a "simiar" rivet but not that same...anywhere I can get that fixed, as the same rivet is necessary on these bags, the rivets being pretty central on it.

3) the bag has been our with me alot, and has gotten raindrops on it. No spots, but the leather is not smooth anymore. Kind of rough.

Shame on me, I know. But I really used the bag alot, and so it is useless, I'm ok with it, but it would be nice to give her new life!!

Any suggestions are appreciated.