My Poor SA...

  1. As many fellow Canadian PFers may know, there was a price decrease this week at LV because of our strong Canadian dollar. I felt cheated because I recently bought a LE Motard Biker bag for almost 5000$CAD; so a price decrease is quite a lot of a difference... (btw, I'm a poor student lol and I have no job lol). I called one of my trusted SAs and she said that she would need to ask our new manager's permission first who apparently was not working that day, but I was assured that I would most likely be able to get a price adjustment. However, she never phoned back. I sensed a problem.

    I decided to go to LV in person today and was greeted by another very nice SA. I told him the situation and he was pretty confident that I'd be able to get a price adjustment "because I'm a VIC" and also because it's not very fair for people like me. The Canadian dollar was already valued more than the US dollar when I made the original purchase so funny thing is that both of us thought the Canadian retail price would stay fixed and there would just be a price increase in the USA, and that's why I didn't mind paying more in the first place cuz I thought the US price would just follow up. (My reasoning for why this did not happen is that LV does not want to "scare" away many customers by having a huge price increase in the USA, and decided to do a balance act by increasing/decreasing a lil bit in both countries.)

    I then spoke to the manager who initially said that she cannot grant me the price difference because I made the purchase before the 10-day law. FINE! If she had left it like that I would have just left somewhat annoyed, but accepting the fact that there are rules and guidelines that all customers should follow. I have no hard feelings and do not blame any of this on the entire LV staff.
    However, I waited to see what she could do. My SA and her disappeared upstairs behind closed doors. In the end, an exception was made for me and I got back a store credit. I noticed something odd with my SA though. The lack of eye contact, pale face, watery and red eyes were not like her usual facial expression!
    THUS HERE IS WHAT I'M REALLY MAD ABOUT: WAS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO GIVE MY SA "THE TALK" BEHIND, WHILE ASSUMING, OR SHOULD I SAY BLAMING, MY SA FOR RELEASING THE INSIDE INFO OF THE PRICE DECREASE WHEN IN FACT MY SA DID NOT TELL ME ANYTHING???!!! Actually, my SA NEVER shares these "inside" info with me despite liking me very much as her fav client, and personally THIS is one of the main reasons I love my SA so much because she is NOT like other SAs: she has her values of what she should do/say to clients. She obeys the standards and rules of the company, and will not behave in certain ways that will encourage selfish benefits, as in leaking out news to her clients in return for them liking her more.

    If I knew waiting around would cause this to happen, I would rather not get a store credit at the expense of my poor SA. She did NOTHING WRONG! Also, I do not understand why the new manager, whom is supposedly more 'harsh' than the previous one, should feel the need to lecture my SA especially since I DID NOT GIVE THE MANAGER A HARD TIME AT ALL (I'd like to remain seated in my VIC chair, thank you!:sweatdrop:)!!! Money is so not the issue here and like I said, if she stayed firm, I would have left probably respecting her MORE because she follows the law, just like how I respect my SA for following the rules.

    I felt SOOOOOOOOO bad for my SA and immediately offered her a gift, which apparently I cannot give to her because it would put her into an even more difficult position and she can't pick up the gift either because words spread quite fast in that mall. So what should I do to make her feel better? I'm thinking of buying her a nice gift for the holidays or taking her out to a restaurant some time...
    Oh god, I feel horrible... Thank you all for reading my rant, and I'm sorry it's so long...
  2. I would write a letter to LV corporate and send copies to your SA and that store manager, stating what an excellent SA you have. Mention all her hard work, her professionalism and courtesy she extends to you each and every time you make a purchase. Don't mention the price adjustment ... just how good an SA she is. Just positive things ... kind of like a letter of recommendation so to speak.
  3. You couldn't talk to the manager and say what you just said here? My SA did not tell me this information and it seems like you gave her a hard time and she did nothing wrong. Shes a great SA... things like that???? I think that'd be the best thing :shrugs: Thats what I would of done if my SA was put through the ringer... not that it was your fault but I wouldn't feel so guilty then....
  4. This is a very good idea from SweetPurple! I am waiting for a chance to do the same thing for my SA and manager.
  5. Good idea :tup:
  6. Did your SA tell you what happened or what was said or are you just assuming, not that your wrong just thinking that if you you write to the manager saying that it's not right she got yelled at they may think that she has told you what happened and that could get her into deeper trouble for unprofessional behaviour even though she's done nothing wrong x 2 KWIM?
  7. ITA with SweetPurple :tup:

    It was really harsh for the manager to talk to your SA like that. Immediately assuming she gave out that information to you. :tdown:
  8. Good to hear the Canadians are getting a price decrease. Sorry to hear about your SA. I agree with sweetpurple as well.
  9. Yes, I agree with SweetPurple a positive letter always helps. One thing I have noticed is that we have access to a lot of current information here on TPF. I am not sure that many of the SA's and managers have heard of this site though. I had a manager ask me one time where I get my information from and she seemed concerned. I gave her the web address and she seemed happier.
  10. WHATTTTT?? Canadians get a price decrease?!?! Yay:yahoo:!! Around how much % less is it now (if you know lol) and is it on all the items?? TIA:smile:
  11. I like the idea of writing a letter of commendation to her.
  12. First of all, I think it's good that you got the store credit. It must have been a respectable amount which you deserved to obtain. Now, about the situation with your lovely SA I think that you should act fast to do damage control. A letter or phonecall will both do the trick.
  13. that sucks Cec, but I admire your loyalty to your SA :smile:

    I think sending her flowers is good-as she is not picking it up it is being delivered - for your appreciation.

    And maybe something small for the manager too as she has gone out of her way and to make her not jealous and beat down on your SA more. i dunno..
  14. The letter praising your SA is the best thing you can do for her, and I would also call the manager & tell her how great your SA is. Don't mention that you think she fussed at your SA, but maybe you have a way to slip into the conversation that your SA said that there was nothing that could be done & that you respect her for sticking to company policy.
    And I think that taking her out for a meal or slipping her a gift card would def. make you feel better.
    You're a very sweet & caring person.

  15. Totally agree :smile: