My poor poor papillon...

  1. Just thought i'd share this story with you guys...:crybaby:
    When we go out together, my boyfriend has a habit of stashing his own stuff in my purse instead of holding them himself (phone, keys, wallet, etc.) .... does anyone else's SO's do this by the way???
    Well last week we were at a baseball game. We were walking to our seats when I hear this sloshing sound. Then suddenly something WET drips onto my leg and I realize it's leaking from the side seams on my mono 30 papillon! :wtf::wtf::wtf:
    I look over at my bf in shock and all he can say is a really quiet "uh oh". Apparently while I was in the bathroom he had decided to put one of those mini bottles of coca cola in there which ended up exploding. EEEK!!! I guess all those beers we had at the stadium caused him to have a temporary lapse in judgment, because I don't know WHAT he was thinking putting a bottle of coke in my purse!!! :Push:
    So I seriously stop in the middle of the walkway, proceed to dump everything out on the ground, and it is awful. Everything in there (my damier koala wallet, his damier wallet, both our phones, lipgloss, tampons, our game tickets) was literally swimming in soda.
    I thought I was going to kill him right then and there, the only thing I could do to salvage the purse was to soak up all the soda inside and then use sopping wet paper towels from the bathroom all over the purse, including on the light vachetta, to try to clean it up. I threw a big fit and made us go home right away, and of course the bf was pissed off at me for caring more about my "stupid ugly purse" than us staying and having a good time.
    There is a semi happy ending to the story:
    I used tons of babywipes all over the entire purse, had to repeat this about 3 times before the stickiness went away. This is my testament to the amazing durability of vuitton canvas. Despite being soaked through to the seams in coke, (which has been proven to dissolve teeth!!) it came out remarkably well. Thank god for the waterproof leather lining inside the papillon! And the paper towels with water on the vachetta left no stains since I soaked it uniformly, even leaving behind a nice patina :yes:
    The worst out of the ordeal was both our cell phones that ended up dying. My damier koala wallet was easy to wipe clean as well.
    Moral of the story: Be nice to your louis, and make sure your SO treats your purse with the upmost respect as well!
  2. Awwww..that's terrible! It's good to hear Louis cleaned up nicely! I sure hope your bf apologized!
  3. aw im so sorry. but im happy everything worked out for you in the end ;)
  4. Oh I am sorry. Wow, I would have made him buy me a new purse! Wow, thats really good that you cleaned it so well! I would have gotten a heart attack, seriously.
  5. Whew, great save! My hubby used to have the habit of just handing his crap to me to put in my bag. THEN, I finally got smart and pretended not to see his hand as I walk away from the car!

    (I think he should buy you as small something (LV) something.....
  6. oh geez, I personally think you handled the situation very maturely! urgh what a baddd day, I hate when things like that happen urgh. Hope everything works out, like the cell phones!
  7. Well, he bought me a new phone! :graucho: It's a good start....
  8. i am sorry to hear that but glad that everything is ok now! you should try taking your cell phone apart and let it dry completely. it usually works again once it is completely dry. :yes:
  9. aw bless I would be very upset if that happened to me! but glad to know ur bag wasnt ruined :smile:
  10. Oh my! Thank goodness u salvaged the situation well! Usually anyone who wants to put their stuff in my bag has to pass my checks first - I don't allow food, drinks, sweets, pens, lippies and the like...
  11. Oh my gosh! I would have flipped out!!!
  12. YES this is why i cant carry a small handbag.

    Glad to hear everything worked out with your bag and you got it cleaned up. Sorry to hear your phones got soaked :sad:
  13. He should still have to buy you a new bag for that one!
  14. goodness!!! I would have broken down and cried right then and there!:crybaby:
    Glad your Papillon is fine now...:yes:
    Hope he get's you a new LV too!;)
  15. Sorry about your bag.
    I take care my bags so my couple stories about my SO looking up for my bags.
    Once we went out to eat Italian food, the couple seating beside our table had a baby, apparenly the baby was trowing food all over, I did not see this but my SO did and he moved my bag from my chair and placed behind his chair away from the messy cute baby.

    Another time, we were drinking at a bar, this lady keep looking at my bag and wispering to her friend about it (my SO noticed this as well) anyway..suddenly that lady got up and with her big ugly fabric bag knocked down my bag on the floor, my SO jumped and told her be careful and he asked her what she did that, she knew that bag was there and she intentionally did
    He is pretty good about watching for my stuff, he knows I work hard and they are not cheap, but I do the same with him, I take care his toys as well.