my poor paddy :(

  1. I have used my paddy about 4 or 5 times since when I got it in november but under where the lock sits the screws holding the leather on the lock in place have taken two tiny but obvious to me nicks out of the leather:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: ive now put a sock on the padlock where I store it, but how can I repair the leather??? My dad said to use dark shoe polish - I dont think so lol - any suggestions I am very :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: thanks in advance x
  2. I think the only thing you can do is find some kind of cream, or permanent pen in the same colour and try and disguise it...:smile:

    If it's a 'nick' in the leather, that's probably the best you can do, i'm afraid. I don't know that you can actually 'repair' the leather, unless it was a really bad damage then you'd have to get it done professionally..:s

    At least it's underneath the padlock, so it's possibly not overly obvious? (Although we always notice the faults in our own bags, lol):yes:

    What colour is the it a metallic, or normal paddy?
  3. ahh, think of it as a quirk and characteristic of your very own paddy. They do get scratched easily I am afraid, so just try not to stress about your little tiny mark, nobody else will notice ;)
  4. Actually, dad's advice isn't that bad depending on what color bag it is. If it's black, I'd say definitely the best bet, but it requires a lot of buffing. Whenever I scuff up my black shoes, that's what I use. Granted, none of my shoes retail for $1500.

    If it's any other color, best way would be trying to match it prior to putting anything on it. It's awful to put on a color and then have it be noticeable. Good luck and keep us posted. If it completely drives you crazy, send it to one of the finer bag repairers. I don't know of any in England, but I'm sure some of the ladies here might.
  5. Don't stress about little nicks. Just love your bags!
  6. I used to worry so much about scratches and when I got my large Tracy I realised how very soft the leather on these bags were. The handles are thin and when I try to hang it on my shoulder I more often than not graze the leather with my nails and it creates a scratch or two. The same goes for the rest of the bag. I'll sit it on my desk and it will get caught on the corner of a paper tray or something and it creates little nicks. I figured I'd just stress myself out unnecessarily if I keep worrying about it. Either I live with it or the bags just stay in their dustbags in the closet forever. Well I didn't pay $890.00 for the bag to just sit in the dark so I just rub it with some leather conditioner when I get home to even out the scratches (though it never goes away completely) and call it a day.
  7. I have decided not to worry and live with it - its unmder the lock so it doesnt really matter i suppose - its the tobacco paddy btw! thanks for all the help!:yes:
  8. Awww, that's cool - a happy ending!!!:heart: :yahoo: