My poor old boy....

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  1. Going to have to take my cat Thomas to the vets this week..he is nearly 18 and is deaf, blind, has high blood pressure and an over active thyroid. The last 2 things are being controlled with medication, but now in the last 3 weeks he seems to have become incontinent. Feel so sad, he was always such a clean cat and it must really upset him being like this....
  2. Hi, I am so sorry for you and your cat. Their is medication in the form of medicine for incontinence, I had a St. Bernard that had this and the medicine work brilliantly. It is upsetting, and cats do like to be clean but if he gets this with a bit of luck will be OK
  3. Lets hope so....I just feel like this could be the beginning of the end for him
  4. I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope everything turns out all right and that the vet can help him. The hardest thing is knowing when to let go and from the sound of your post you are starting to prepare yourself. I really hope that whatever happens will be the best decision for both of you :heart:
  5. I really feel for you, I hope things work out.
  6. sending best thoughts to both of you -- lucky kitty to have such a good human . . .
  7. Sorry to hear about the problems poor old Thomas has been having. Sending good vibes your way!
  8. I'm so sorry--nearing the end with our pets is heart-wrenching. I'm hoping for the best for him, but remember that he would not have made it this long if you weren't such a loving, devoted owner/companion. Sending prayers.:heart:
  9. I feel sad with you and will be hoping for the best.
    I have a 20 year old named Papa, she got really sick when she was 17....I thought it was her time. But she bounced back and she is still with me, my best friend in the world. Keep up hope, but be ready when the time comes. I will be thinking of your boy.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that, wish you and your kitty all the best.
  11. this thread just breaks my heart. I know that you know he is at the end of his life and man, 18! that is a long life for a cat. you must have been an incredible mommy for him to live such a long, happy, healthy life. just remember, love him enough to let him go when its time. you'll see him again someday.
  12. Aww Sweetie I am saying a prayer for you and Thomas:smile:
  13. All the best for Thomas. Hopefully, he only has a bladder infection, which will clear up quickly with anti biotics.

    Take care,

  14. Update on Thomas - he went to heaven on thursday :sad:
    He was very dehydrated and had lost a third of his body weight...the vet said he realistically only had a week or so left....
    I stayed with him until the end and gave him a kiss etc after he had gone...
    He is being cremated and we are getting the ashes back after the christmas holiday.

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  15. Oh, missbradshaw, I'm so sorry, yet I know Thomas is in a better place. I'm crying as I write this. It's so hard when our pets have to leave us, but you did the right thing even tho it hurts so much right now. (((hugs))) He was a very handsome boy.