My poor Nina!!!

  1. Hi ladies! I am new and I am in a bit of a pickle. My month-old, gorgeous, Slate Nina is turning an ugly yellow-y brown! :crybaby: I sprayed her with Wilsons and she repels stains, but she is changing color! I got her at Nordstroms in Towson. Will they exchange/take her back? Can I get her fixed somewhere? I don't want to part with her as she is a perfect lighter alternative to my MUCH heavier Stam. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. At just a month old, I'd definitely take her back to Nordstroms and ask for their advice. I'm sure they will deem it faulty and either replace it for you or provide a refund.
  3. Wow! Back to where you got it.......for sure!
  4. thats really weird,,,, i know i asked specifically at wilsons if the spray would ever change the color of any leather, and they said def. not,,,, so i cant imagine its the spray that did it,,,,

    i know that the leather on the nina, the meridith, the charlie, the nicole is all this new realllllllllllllly soft leather and i dunno,,,,

    now im scared to use my slate meridith

  5. do you think you could take any pictures of the color change! i really am curious what is happening thank you so much!
  6. Thank you all for your help! I am going to Nordstroms first thing tomorrow! These were taken with my phone, no flash.
    Here, the inside flap is normal and the outside is changing[​IMG]

    Here is a brown-ish corner

    Here is part of the outside flap. It looks kind of like an antique, no?
  7. its trying to make me sign into MSN to see them :sad:
  8. Bessie, I've got the same problem, can't see the pics and it's trying to make me sign into MSN. It's been difficult to get this message going without the MSN log-on screen coming up.
  9. I can't see them either, but I'm not having the msn sign-in issue, as I'm already signed in. I'd be really interested in seeing the colour change! I hope it's just a one-bag defect, because I love slate in general (hoping to get one soon :p).
  10. Sorry about the pictures- I have never uploaded before! Trying again... [​IMG]


  11. That is such a bummer! I love that color too, one of my favorites..Please keep us posted on the outcome!
  12. hmmm that is weird,,,, I was checking out my meridith last night which hasnt ever been used and looks perfect, BUT if i look REALLLLLY close up to the color, i can sort of see a faint undertone of a brownish/yellow color, totally unnoticable except for if you think you are looking for it,,,

    but i wonder if that is a problem with the leather in general and not just yours?

    i am sort of thinking i shouldnt keep mine just for that reason i am scared that will happen to it,,,,

    but its such an amazing color

    i am so sorry that is such a bummer

    are you going to go to Nordies todaY?
  13. This is the exact same thing that is happening to my Moss Sienna!!!!
  14. Oh no! I was thinking of buying the Nina in Slate off HF for a kickass price. But now I'm seriously reconsidering!

    (Plus, I just did a partial trade for an LV Sonatine)

    This is a good disenabling thread. :smile:
  15. Hi guys! I know this in a old thread, but I figured I'd add my experience. I loved the Nina slate (was my first Kooba) and bought it as a birthday gift for myself. I wore it once, and when I got home, the entire front side of the bag had taken on the discolored brownish hue that some others have described. The back of the purse was fine, as well as the underside of the flap. This made me think it was a reaction to the sun, as only the parts of the bag that had exposure to the sun had discolored. I promptly returned the bag, so I don't have pictures to show you guys. I just figured I would share my experience.

    BTW...long time tPF reader...first time poster. Hi everyone!