My poor new Coach Daphne bag got hurt!

  1. I was walking back from a meeting at another building this afternoon with two of my co-workers, and didn't realize that we were taking the super shortcut until I looked down and was faced with a short but very steep hill that I would have to go down to get to the front door. Naturally, the two guys had already made it down just fine, but I'm pacing at the top, hollering about how I don't do well trying to get down a grassy hill while carrying a handbag and a notebook and a can of soda.

    But like the big dummy I am, I did it anyway. And I fell hard, after tripping on a tree root near the bottom. The good news is that I didn't run into the tree. The bad news is that my arm is scraped up pretty nasty and I mashed my knee bad enough to make it swell up.

    But the worst news is that I was carrying my big new white calfskin Daphne top-handle satchel that I bought myself just last weekend as my very last purchase before my now-in-effect multi-month shopping ban. ACK! And if I'd been realizing that I had this bag on my arm, then I would have realized I shouldn't have even tried it.

    Considering the force of the spill, and the fact that it's soft white calfskin, it did remarkably well. But there are a few grass stains here and there, that I'm praying AppleGuard cleaner will remove (the card for this bag says do NOT use the Coach cleaner on it), and more sadly, there is a small tear in the finish on the bottom corner on one of the front pockets. Instead of white, it's a small dark spot. Sniff.

    My co-workers were worried about me, to their credit, but I was just worried about the bag. (surprise!) I had actually been thinking last night about returning it, but had decided that I really wanted to keep it just before this happened. Good thing, huh, because it definitely would not pass the return test now.

    At least it wasn't a fabric bag. Or a straw one. Or my mono canvas Alma. :Push:
  2. If you shouldn't use coach cleaner on it I wouldn't use anything. I would take it into coach or call and see what they recommend.
  3. That is such a sad story! I'm so sorry. It reminds of the time I was 16 and bought myself a Prada bag. I wasn't paying attention and set it down in GOLD PAINT! The front of the bag was covered in it. Luckily my mother scrubbed it with something and got 99% of it off. Good luck!
  4. I just used a damp cloth (water, nothing else) and got nearly everything off. But that torn spot will always remind me what a dummy I was. Sniff. Still, I'm surprised and relieved to see that it made it through as well as it did. Now I know why I never carried a white bag before -- too much worrying!

    I'm just glad to have this forum to tell my sad story to those who will appreciate why I was more upset about the bag than myself. You all are the best.
  5. I am so sorry for your loss!! I would go to Coach and ask for help as well. Good luck!
  6. oh no! that's terrible! im sorry about your injuries and your poor daphne. it's a good thing you got most of it off though! what a relief. :smile: bring it in to the coach store and ask them to repair the tear. :smile:
  7. Oh my gosh, that's horrible!!! I'm such a klutz, I prolly would have fallen too!! I'm glad you got a lot of the damage out of the bag, that's great to hear, but, I can totally relate about seeing the small tear in the bag and being annoyed by it!!
  8. Oh no ! I would have cried big crocodile tears on the spot ! Since it isn't cloth it won't unravel, but I'd just be worried about the little tear possibly spreading - the next time you're in Coach you should inquire about repairs.
  9. Awwww, your poor bag! I'm glad you could fix up most of it. I hope you're okay too.
  10. Thanks to everyone for the commiseration. I'm actually working from home today (yay for the internet, vpn and a laptop) because I'm still limping around with a bad knee, but I'm hoping to be back in form very soon.

    My bag is doing as well as can be expected also. Since the torn bit came off entirely, the good news is that it shouldn't be able to tear any more than it already has. But of course, it also means that it probably can't be fixed either. It's really really tiny, so only I (and an SA if I tried to return it!) could really notice it anyway, or so I will keep telling myself from now on. LOL
  11. Awww, sorry that it happened! I will be crying for days over that! Especially a light colored bag!
  12. aww im sorry =D she is such a beautiful bag..atleast you fixed her up a bit =D