My poor Mono Speedy Tab


    I'm so mad at myself....don't know how the heck I got a mark on one of the tabs. It actually happened yesterday..looks like there was some transference of black marker/ink smudge...from fingers or something. I've been soooo careful with the vachetta...maybe I was too careful...murphy's law that something like this would happen! It's only 3 months old...I was trying to get over it but I don't think I can. That black mark keeps on staring back at me. I even went to buy babywipes...didn't work though. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and get the tab changed. I called the LV store today and it will cost approx $33 CAD and 4-6wks to change it. What do you ladies think? I know the tab will be virginal white compared to the present 3 month old 'warm' patina...but will it patina evenly later?

    black mark.JPG
  2. I personally think it's not that bad.It's a bummer because it's so new..
    Have you tried using leather cleaner??
  3. Well, if your thinking of replacing it, then it wouldn't hurt to try a Mr. Clean sponge on it. Make sure you wring that sponge dry and then try it...make sure to let it dry and then condition it.

    It doesn't look that bad (great camera) to me, but I know if I get something on my bag it drives me insane. Also, the cost of replacement isn't that bad either, it's just that the patina might be different but that can be fixed w/some applegard and a suntan.
  4. thanks for the quick reply bags...that's what I thought at's not that bad. I'm sure it'll 'blend' in when it darkens...but that's a long time to live with it staring back at me! LOL
    I haven't tried anything else besides baby wipes...would leather cleaner take out ink from permanent markers?
  5. Perhaps try using a magic eraser. I know some of the pfers use it to help clean the vachetta. I haven't personally used it myself so I can't say for sure how good it'll work. If you are able to remove most of the marking; if not all; perhaps it will be less noticeable after it petinas. Good luck!!!
  6. Haven't tried Magic Eraser yet....the baby wipe thing was already a desperate measure! hahaha
    Yah , I'm worried about the uneven patina also!
  7. I'd try a clean white eraser first.
  8. haha can you believe I was searched the apartment for an eraser already? None! That's what happens when I've been out of school for such a long time!
  9. It really doesn't look that bad :shrugs:
    You probably won't even notice it when the vachetta gets more patina :yes:
  10. I don't think it is that bad. I would wait a few months and see if the patina helps hide the mark.
  11. Ah good stuff. I'd definitely try erasing first, even if you have to run out to Staples to get an eraser - try magic eraser only as a last resort since it's pretty powerful and can strip leather of their sheen and dry it out. :yes:
  12. Yeah. You girls are probably right..I'm overreacting a little.. hehe Dang vachetta! So hard to take care of! Looks sooo gorgeous when it darkens but not hassle-free!
  13. M/E or just use a baby wipe. Its not that bad and i'm sure it wont be long before your bag starts to patina and you wont notice it.
  14. Don't change it. It will go away one way or the other. Blend in and stuff. I think it gives it character, saying that it's yours in a way.
  15. i think it doesnt look very bad/obvious. let it patina.. and it'll be fine.