My poor Mom. . .


Oct 30, 2006
My mom lives about two hours away from me and she made a trip this past weekend in order to spend the holidays with me. She came with bags and bags of gifts and I felt once again like a five year old dying of anticipation.

I haven't seen my mom in close to eight months and have been talking to her by phone at least weekly. During one of our talks, I mentioned to her my new found love for Louis Vuitton and she mentioned seeing a few styles in her area.

Well, imagine my surprise when I opened one of her gifts and realized it was an LV...but a fake. :amazed: I could tell something was immediately wrong with it because the texture and the color of the straps didn't seem right...and then I saw it. The dreaded yellow hanging tab! YIKES!

I couldn't break it to my Mom that she had bought a fake. I did ask her where she got it and she said she ordered it from a catalog. I didn't press her further because she then started to ask if something was wrong with it, did I not like it, etc. I didn't want to crush her feelings and tell her "Mom! You got a fake!"

I know she didn't know better--she probably just saw the style and assumed that's what I buy. During our phone conversations, I never went into detail with her about where you can get an LV and what the costs are.

So I just sucked it up and told her I loved it. My husband was also glad I didn't tell her anything, because he knows how sensitive she can be. But I'm still feeling just a tad bit guilty that I should of have said something.

So now I have this fake and don't know what to do with it! I don't want to throw it away because I know she'll ask "Where the LV I bought you?" Granted, I only see her once a year, but the fact that I have to carry this fake with me when I see her makes me stomach turn.

See, the more I type this, the more I want to call her and let her know she bought a fake.

Well, without further ado, here is my gift:

OK, if you're going to FAKE the manufacturer, try to at least get his name right! :hysteric:
This has got to be the funniest error I have ever seen...

Ooooh...I love all the protective packagaing! NOT! The makers of these fakes do believe that more is better, right?


On the bright side, I now have gotten my first look at a fake heat stamp...and can further empower myself to learn how to spot fakes in the blink of an eye lash!

The inside--the funny part about the inside is that it already had scuff marks in it!

I do know that I'm going to tell her that I am all pursed out and that I have all the LV's I could possibly want (HA! As if I would utter these words and REALLY mean it!!) and that she should save her money for retirmenent instead of buying me another purse. Or I'll tell her that I really need sweaters. Something to get her mind on other than purses.

What would you guys do? Would you tell her she bought a fake or would you suck it up and let it be?
Oh, my gosh. Well, I would not tell her it's a fake. What good would that do? Instead, if you have the means, get a REAL popincourt haut and carry it next time you visit her. She'll think it's the one she gave you.
I wouldn't tell her that she bought a fake. I would try to stop her from buying more purses in the future lol. On the other hand, you may want to introduce LV to her, and tell her stories about evil people making fakes out there blah blah blah... eventually in her reflection she MAY remember buying you one of these bags before and you can act innocently "O, let me check..." Otherwise, just tell her you have too many of these purses hehe.

As to wear it in front of your mom... well it's gonna be in the house anyway. You can also tell her that you don't think your outfit today matches the purse.
Oh, that's too bad! She obviously didn't know and was thinking of what you want. Do you like the style? I'd just get a real one. I love LV, but I wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings, especially my mom's, over it.
That is horrible. Poor you. I would be dying to say something but you know you cant. Your mom would feel so bad if she knew. I would totally get a real pop and carry it like the other poster suggested.

Orrrrrrrr you could say "MOM!!! This is a $900 bag! (Or whatever the retail is) say I was just in the store and was trying this on!!, any they never go on sale!!" Maybe she will figure it out on her own!!
I don't think you should tell her, after all she only wanted to offer you something you'd enjoy. But it might be a good idea to let her know in some way that there are fakes out there so that she wont make the same mistake again out of ignorance. Though I don't really know how to do that so that she wont realise that the first one was a fake.
Thanks everyone for your ideas. I think the next time I talk to her I'll bring up the fact that there are fakes out there and to be aware. I think what sucks is that I've never discussed what the price is for an LV and I know once she finds out, she'll flip!

Growing up, we were always poor, but my Mom always made sure my brother and I came first and were never lacking in anything. She worked three jobs at one point during Christmas to make sure Santa got us everything we asked for. She's been my inspiration for everything in life.

Now that I put myself through college and have an awesome job, I finally can enjoy the fruits of my labor. But I know the conservative in my Mom will flip when I finally tell her the real price of a real LV. But I feel I have to let her know. I'll blend some of the ideas you all have given me and post what I finally decide on how I'll let her know.

LOREBUNDE this is the yellow tag I was talking about...
Oh, my gosh. Well, I would not tell her it's a fake. What good would that do? Instead, if you have the means, get a REAL popincourt haut and carry it next time you visit her. She'll think it's the one she gave you.

- DITTO, although if she took a good look at the purse she would wonder -why the leather is so much lighter now from when she gve it to you - ha! ha! you could always say you bought polish to lighten the leather - HA! HA!

...I would definitely buy the real deal, or at least buy a used one from Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ ~ or and then if you aren't overally in love with that style at least you didn't go out and pay full price for an authentic!!!
It was very nice of you not to tell her and hurt her feelings. She was very sweet to try and get something you wanted, but I understand not wanting to carry it! My sister got me an "authentic" MC wallet on Canal Street (if you catch my drift) in New York last summer. Like you, I couldn't tell her her mistake, but I know it is painful to have to carry around a fake when you see her! I have to do the same thing!
If I could afford it, and it was my mom, I would buy the real one, take it to a tanning bed to darken the vachetta and wear the real one, then educate her about fakes gradually. I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt her feelings, especially since I know what it's like to be a struggling mom. Is there any way you can just buy a real Popincourt Haut and use that?
Oh, my gosh. Well, I would not tell her it's a fake. What good would that do? Instead, if you have the means, get a REAL popincourt haut and carry it next time you visit her. She'll think it's the one she gave you.
I was thinking exactly the same when reading your post!!!!! :yes:
The only thing is that you sould avoid this happening again, maybe tell your mama you prefer to buy your bag personaly for special occasion - obviously in some gentle way! ;)

Today I was carrying my Speedy 25 and the mother of my BF showed me her fake Speedy 30 or 35 and she asked to compare mine to hers and said they are not so different... while I saw it was a fake from one million kms!!! But I shout my mouth because I know her since 2000 and I don't think it was polite and nice. In the end she bought it for few euro and know it was a fake, she also said that she knows the quality is totally different that mine is vacchetta etc she wasn't pretending to have an original etc but I was embrassed!!!!! :shrugs:
I feel bad for you and I am sure your Mom probably made a honest mistake in thinking that this was real. I am sure she wouldn't even know that there are fakes out there. I would do as everyone else said and not tell her. If you only see her once a year it is not like you have to carry the purse for her. I think in the New Year you should point her in another direction for things you like or maybe even say you prefer gift card to stores so you can buy things when they go on sale.
My mother didn't know the prices I paid for my LV's but I did not talk to her about them because she probably would have thought I was crazy yet I am sure my sister told her the price of every purse sis bought from Chanel to LV.
It was sweet of your mother to really make some effort into remembering what you liked and I guess you can tell her about fakes too but to me this is like saying to her you bought a fake for me and I am sure she would be very upset or embarassed about it. I would just let it go.:smile: