My poor mini lin! i did something awful by accident!!

  1. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    i was trying to light a candle by turning it upside down because i was lighting it with a lighter and i didnt know there was little melted wax still in it and i also didnt notice that my mini lin was sitting so close to me either!

    long story short, i spilled the wax on my ebene mini lin!!!! OMG!! i managed to get most of the wax of but now, it has a little spot where the wax dried off...

    do any of you know any "at home" way to treat this??


    :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. Oh no! I don't know of any way to treat it, but I am sure that someone on here will have an idea!
  3. usually for clothing etc I think you put a little kitchen tissue over the fabric and a iron on low heat but please do not try this just yet some else may have a better solution
  4. Rub an ice cube on it, it will just flake off.

  5. I would talk to a dry cleaner and/or try to remelt the wax. If all else fails call 1866
  6. thanks everyone! i understand this is an unusual problem to have.. i think ill try the ice cube idea for now, although i think the low heat iron on a kitchen cloth idea sounds pretty promising too, im a little scared to do it..

    so if the ice cube doesnt work im going to call 866..

    Thanks again everyone!
  7. I don't know about mini lin material but my mom always put a brown paper sandwich bag over the wax and a warm iron and the paper bag absorbs the wax....I'd be scared to do this to an LV though???!!! Good Luck!!!
  8. Mini-lin is just fabric, right? No vinyl coating or content at all?

    If it's just fabric, the iron method should get it all out. Just use a lot of paper like newspaper/newsprint and a low iron. Just put the paper over the offending area, iron over it and when the wax shows through (the paper will become transparent like waxed paper) replace the paper with a fresh piece. Continue until it's all gone.It's slow work, but very effective.

    But call your local store or 1-866 just to make sure about the fabric first, 'cause you'd die if you melted your bag.

    Good luck. Fingers crossed for you...
  9. ^ I agree with the idea but don't use newspaper you may get transfer & that just causes more problems
  10. I don't know about today's treated Mini Lin fabric. I use wax paper over the candle wax iron should be dry and on a very low temperature. It really works. I would contact 1866 and inquire before the ice cube or iron. Good luck...
  11. yep! This works great!!!
  12. oh no! sorry to hear about that but I think the ice cube method should work pretty well. Let us know how it goes!
  13. Well ladies! i bit the bullet and went for the iron + paper bag trick! i found me a Nordstrom paper bag and grabbed the iron (crossed my fingers) and it worked!!

    Its made a significant difference!!

    THANKS EVEYRONE!!! :yahoo:





    This is a lesson well learned!!! And a good future tip for Mini Lin owners!

  14. Awesome! I love happy endings! :smile:
  15. :yahoo: Glad it worked out for you! Love to hear useful LV tips!