my poor LV

  1. my ladies i need ur helppp
    can anyone tell me how to clean the LV handdle??? is there any way to get the dirts awaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy??? it got some small black's like black eyeshdow or kohl? ,,it's a new bag.. i carried it once onlyyy :sad:
  2. anybody else ever used or heard of this product?
  3. :huh: I'm going to establish my own business and post the link here, too *lol* jk. :roflmfao:
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Makes me wonder if the first two posters are in cahoots, or just one and the same.

  5. What a great I idea :lol: :shocked: :biggrin:
  6. itbl
  7. i have used the cleaner & moisturizer from Coach ( bought on their website) to clean my handles and outside of my Speedy 30 Mono and my Large Noe. I am the only one I have seen that uses this ( i read it was safe somewhere and someone else used it ) but if i'm wrong, ladies please let me know. but it did takes off dirt i had from a pre-owned Speedy just great :smile:

    BUT... i just re-read your post and saw your bag is new. both of mine were pre-owned and had already turned the patina color and the handles looked great after i cleaned them, but i don't know about new handles!!
  8. I have only heard of it from this poster.
    I use Apple Guard, and I am quite happy with it!
  9. LV Mama AZ, I use Coach mousturizer to spot clean the handles on my speedy sometimes too. Nothing bad happened to it so far! I'm not recommending the use of it at all, it just works for me! I know on the bottle it says not to use on vachetta, but my handles have a slight patina already.
  10. I have never heard of this cleaner and its never been mentioned on these boards. I would guess its this new posters business and he/she is self promoting?


    Hope i am wrong.
  11. thanks for letting me know you have used the Coach on your speedy also. it worked for me great, but i'm with you, i don't want to recommend it to others because i don't want to get this if it doesn't work well for them :rant:
  12. Didn't someone say the used the Magic Stick on their handles? (That sounds so digusting, please forgive me)
  13. Do you mean Magic Eraser? LOL