My Poor Little Shoe!

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  1. today was an insane day at work and i was just getting home walking up to my house.....and then i hear ****clink**** look down and what do I see? heel laying on the ground. My heart dropped! I had to limp up three flights of stairs and then inspected the damage. Looks like the metal heel insert from my twistochat fell right out.

    I have a pretty good feeling my cobbler can fix but it still really sucks! I have only worn them a handful of times. I am assuming he would just glue it back in?? Wahh! I just needed to vent - and you guys are the only ones who understand!!! :crybaby:

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  2. What a bummer! Hope you are able to get them repaired soon!
  3. OMG... i would take that to the CL boutique for a refund/exchange or store credit. that is a defective shoe... it should not fall off like that after a few wears, and especially as you were just walking!!! that is NOT normal!!! :wtf:
  4. ^ITA. I would bring it to the boutique for an exchange. It is a defective shoe.
  5. Do NOT take them to the cobbler first!! I say take them to the boutique or wherever you got them from STAT!! The store would have to see that if that were my shoe! They should not break only after a few wears!
  6. Oh wow..really? Hmm I bought them footcandy awhile back - probably like 6+ months ago I just don't wear them that often. Do you think I should take it up with footcandy or actually take them to a boutique? Robertson would be the closest one to me.
  7. yes i would take them to robertson... it is a quality control issue in that shoe... footcandy will likely not be able to issue a refund/credit because it was a long time ago... so i would try with the boutique first. i would explain that you do not wear them often, and it's normal wear (you're just walking when it happened)... they can contact the appropriate people within CL to take care of this defect. otherwise, if they can't do anything about it, then i would contact footcandy.

    i know some people here have had heels break before... not sure how it turned out exactly but i hope they can chime in!

    good luck!
  8. Thanks so much Carlinha!!
  9. good heavens!!! :faint:

    i'm so sorry this happened to you!! :hugs:do let us know how it turns out!
  10. awe, I'm so sorry :sad: I hope everything will work out for you though, I'm sure a cobbler could fix that.. lets hope so!
  11. Holy guacamole! No heel should ever come off a shoe like that! That's really too bad. I hope it all works out. :sad:
  12. Oh no!!!! :cry:

    I know it's an easy fix, but how discouraging!!!

    The shoes are beautiful though and I'm sure you will get many more years of life out of them. Now they will be stronger than ever!
  13. Eeek! Thanks for posting this. I had no idea the heels on the Yoyospinas/Twistochats tended to be weaker. I have a pair of Yoyospinas and will be much more concious of how I walk in them now!

    I hope you are able to get this fixed. Please keep us posted!
  14. Ohh my Lord! Poor thing, I agree with Carlinha, you have to take them to a Boutique first! don't let the cobbler touch it... I had this issue with a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, and I took them to the Boutique and they charged me only $20 (because they were about 6months old) for professional repair and deep cleaning, they looked beautiful!
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