My poor Lindy - to spa or not to spa?

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  1. I was wearing a new top with gold glittery patterns wearing my clemence gold Lindy on my shoulder. After shopping for two hours, I noticed this huge scratch (around 2 inches long) as if the top part of leather was rubbed off. It then dawned on me that the glitter on my top was rough as sand paper and must have ruined my bag!

    I got great advice from an expert here and was about to take the bag to HK to be checked and hopefully fixed by the craftman. I couldn't wait so I took it to my local H in Macau and the store manager told me even though I send it to HK, they can't fix scratches and will probably need to replace the whole panel. He said that H can't touch up part of the leather, which seems to be different from what I read here.

    So my question is, should I still take it to HK and let them try to fix it? Or is the manager correct that I should just use it until more wear shows and let them replace the whole panel later on? Is it true that they can't restore just the scratched part?

    I'll try to take a pic which can show the scratch and post later. TIA:smile:
  2. I would take it to HK. I think the craftsman can judge better than the store manager what can be done once he sees it.

    Claude was able to cover up a very small spot on my Jypsiere and it only took him about 2 minutes.

    I guess how soon you take it to HK depends on how you feel you can deal with the damage to your bag. I know if it were me, I'd take it in to a craftsman as soon as I had the opportunity.
  3. Thanks ariluvya21! I will be able to take it to HK in a couple of weeks, but what the store manager said was discouraging :sad:
    And I don't dare use it before taking it to the craftsman as I don't want the scratch to get worse...
  4. Would you like to post a picture of your Lindy?

  5. :goodpost:
  6. PrincessD - I don't have any advice for you but I did want to say that I'm sorry you had to have this happen. I hope H can fix/replace the panel on your Lindy.
  7. I wouldn't take what your local store manager said about the damage TOO seriously. Honestly, she may be knowledgable but she isn't a craftsperson. The best is to take it right to the person who can tell you what's happening with your bag and if it can be fixed.

    These craftsmen are EXTREMELY talented. I brought my Jypsiere into Claude because I spotted a spot on the bag that I wanted taken off. He looked at it for all of 2 seconds and said it was nail polish and can't come out. He quickly took out the Vert Veronese die/polish (whatever they use) and covered the spot immediately.

    And I definitely would NOT use your bag until you have it looked at. You don't want the damage to get any worse than it already is.
  8. Thanks for your replies. I've attached photos. I've circled the scratch. There's also a tiny one up the left top part which can't be captured. I'm so sad seeing it. :sad:

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  9. I would take heart Princess, I would think once a craftsman sees it that they will be able to blend in the mark and even if it doesn't disappear altogether, they will be able to make it look much better. Great bag!
  10. From the picture, the scratch doesn't look so deep, it looks more like an area that's been worn more than the rest of the bag (similar to what corners might looks like after some wear). I believe a craftsman should be able to blend the in the mark, like Charm has said above, to (at the very least) make it look less visible.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  11. ^ITA I can still see the grains in the leather so the scratch isn't too deep, I would say that it could be easily touched up with a bit of dye. I used to own a birkin with a spot on it which had been touched up at H so I wouldn't worry about replacing the whole panel. GL and I really hope they fix it up for you.
  12. I would bet that can be fixed by the craftsman. Sorry it happened to you. Don't worry too much -- it's meant to be used.
  13. that looks totally fixable. I say take it in for a proper assessment!
  14. Don't be too discouraged, an H craftsperson not only cleaned my 'grey' clutch to make it white again, she even managed to get a 'green', indented brass stain off - all in 10 mins. Take heart and wait for the experts to say for sure :hugs:
  15. just looked at your picture and i also think its fixable. i would take it to the craftsman and let him/her take a look at it.