My POOR Legacy Whiskey Shoulder

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  1. I sold my Legacy Leather Shoulder on eBay over a month ago and the lady took 6 days in paying me. Finally, paid me and I shipped it out same day (4/18). USPS attempted to deliver it on the 21st but left a notice because no one was there. She still hasn't picked it up!

    I feel so bad for my Legacy Whiskey Shoulder. It's been sitting in a box for 16 days at a Post Office and 19 days total!

    I've emailed her about it. Hopefully, she picks it up before they return it to me. :confused1:
  2. goodness! If she doesn't want it, she needs to send it to me!:shame:
  3. Thats odd, wonder if something happened to the buyer?
  4. She had an excuse of why she didn't pay right away too. I think she may be older and forgetful or something. I dunno.

    I contacted PayPal and they said that if the USPS sends it back she has to pay to have it shipped back to her again.

    Who would leave a Coach at the Post Office?
  5. Very strange - she hasn't filed a charge-back has she?? Maybe she has buyers remorse.
  6. Nope...she hasn't even picked it up! She also hasn't contacted me at all either.
  7. I HATE when people do that! I got an item back one time (some UGG boots) and I contacted the girl and she sent me another $14 to ship them again. I felt like asking "why didn't you go get them the first time and save yourself the money?"

    stupid buyers
  8. That's sad it's just sitting there. I really hope nothing bad happened to the buyer.
  9. I sold a Lot of bags and accessories to a lady for over $300. She left it unclaimed at her PO and then contacted me with a nasty email about how she never received her stuff. I told her the DC says it's unclaimed at her PO. I never heard from her again.
  10. I do NOT understand that at all :confused1: I bought a tote on eBay and have been waiting with baited breath daily for it to arrive. I check my front porch 3 times a day for the package!
  11. I can't believe she'd just leave it there!!! If I buy something, everyday I check my porch/mailbox to see if my package has arrived. I can't imagine it sitting at the post office with no love, in a box.

    Uhh....clearly she doesn't really love it that much....send it to a good home!!! lol
  12. Wow, seems like if she was out of town or something she would have sent someone else to sign for it or told you to delay the shipping. I hope shes okay. I can't imagine not checking daily to see if I have something I've bought.
  13. She still hasn't picked it up! Also, she hasn't replied to my emails. I don't know.
  14. OMG!
    I could NEVER leave a Coach bag at the post office!:wtf:
    Poor whiskey bag!

    Keep us posted!
  15. wow that's pretty strange. I always make sure I'm home for delivery packages..otherwise I'd get really worried and anxious. I hope nothing bad happen to her. Maybe you can try to call her if its listed when you send the package to her on ebay (I don't know some people actually list their phone numbers).