my poor grandmama :(

  1. so i was not a happy camper when i ordered my keepall only to find out louis vuitton does not distribute dustbags for them. i asked a few SAs at a few different stores and they said as of right now LV does not include them with keepalls but to keep checking back b/c one SA may be able to get me a big dustbag. in the meantime until i may possibly be able to get one, my grandmama and grandaddy came up to visit from north carolina. my grandmama is a seamstress so i asked her if she could make me a dustbag for my keepall. i showed her my other LV dustbags so i guess i just wasn't thinking and thought she'd make something similar to them.

    she sent it in the mail and i got it the other day and much to my disappointment it's a dark maroon color :sad: it's like drawstring style which is completely fine and made of fleece-like material. i should know the properties of fleece and whether or not it is color fast since i took a textiles course but i don't remember. lol. the bag would be perfect if it wasn't so dark. does anyone know if fleece would color transfer onto the vachetta? i'm starting to think not but i just don't know, plus the vachetta is still virgin -- bag has not been used yet. i don't want to have to send it would hurt her feelings!! :sad: does anyone think it would be okay?? should i not take my chances? i just feel so bad! :crybaby: :cry: :wondering
  2. I'd be very careful. Indeed, it could transfer color onto the leather. In fact, I'd wash the fleece baggie to see how much color washes out of the bag. I probably wouldn't use it, though. Tell your grandma you appreciate the bag.
  3. :sad: my mom was saying maybe i should just keep it here and send her a note with some of my own fabric and some money for her trouble and tell her i have another bag the same size that needs one? i don't know, i don't want her to get suspicious and think i didn't like the other one.
  4. I wouldn't use it either. Fleece does color transfer. Even if wash it, I'd still be scared to have it resting on the vachetta. What a nice grandma though, to have made it for you!!
  5. oh, so sorry, but i would not chance it...i think your mom's advice is good and i'd follow that plan....
  6. Try washing it a couple of times with some lighter colored rag-towels and then letting hang dry. If the color transfers onto the towels then you'll know it's not colorfast and you can't use it as a dustbag. But you could use it for something else. Just thank your grandma for her hard work and let her know that you love it though.
  7. :sad: so sad. i just don't know why she chose this color? i am thinking she was looking for "soft" and just didn't realize, plus i didn't tell her because i thought she would make something almost identical to my other bags :sad: i think i am going to have to go to the fabric store and buy my own and just tell her i have another bag that needs one. i just feel so badddddd. plus i needed it for when i went on my cruise for when i put my bag up in the overhead compartment -- yeah i'm really OCD about the vachetta on this bag...
  8. Your grandma is really cute, but I agree, it's not worth the risk. And I think you should do as your mother said and explain that while the dustbag is fine in every way, you can't use it because it might color off on the leather. I'm sure she understands :smile:
  9. I agree not to use it for its original purpose. But keep it and thank your sweet of her! I'm sure that you will be able to use it for something else. Maybe to put your shoes in when you pack your luggage or something! Your mother had good advice!
  10. yeah i think i'll give that a go just to see. i rubbed it against a piece of white cloth and it didn't look like the color transferred onto the cotton, just the little pills which are typical of fleece but don't seem to do any harm. but i'll try the washing thing and if not i guess i will just have to send her my own fabric and say i need another one. :sad:
  11. i don't think i'll explain because she's just too kind-hearted that i don't want to hurt her feelings. i think i'll just send her the fabric and say i have another bag that needs one, even if it's not the truth :sad: i'm sure i'll find something else to use for the one she sent me first. she and my grandaddy are just the sweetest most innocent people ever that i couldn't imagine making her feel the slightest bit sad lol.
  12. How about bleaching it? That should suck out most of the color.
  13. ^^That's a good idea. :yes:

    What a sweet grandma!! :tender:
  14. wash the fleece dustbag 3 times ;)
  15. I'd wash the dustbag, and maybe handwash it roughly in a hot water just to make sure it won't bleed.