My poor DH had "pretty woman" moment.. sort of

  1. With the exception of the hooker get up my DH effortlessly walked into this unfortunate pretty woman situation. :cursing:
    My poor DH called me earlier today to rant on this store i sent him to to look at some Chanel bags for me (because its all the way in dc).
    The store is called Inga's Once is Not Enough, apparently this "inga" is famous around here but w/e he was so excited to find 2 chanel bags ready for the taking when "inga" come around and tells him i might not be interested because its "EXPENSIVE" (in a tone apparently dripping with whatever unpleasant word you can think of right now) when we couldve bought both AND more!!!:cursing:

    I was SO LIVID i quickly forgot about my purse obsession and told him to get out of the store and that NO bag is worth that situation!
    Now i feel so bad because i put him in that situation :hysteric:.

    Sorry guys i just had to rant, have you or any of people you know gone through a "pretty woman" moment too??
  2. Oh, yes-- the first time I ever went into Saks. I was browsing through.... eh, I think it was Diane Von Furstenburg or Donna Karan... I can't remember. But I found an SA at the counter and there were a couple of suits from Donna Karan I wanted to try on (and a Gucci jacket too now that I think about it?). None of them had price tags on them, so I had to ask, and she said, snottily, "they're very expensive."

    I was so angry. I reached into my bag and pulled out my wallet and whipped out a card and set it on the counter and said, "Oh, okay, well, would you like to hold my card for me while I go try them on, or do you think I should find someone else to help me?"

    :graucho: she was very embarassed. I don't know what set me off so bad! This was in Fort Myers, Florida, by the way, and I was shopping with my best friend, who made a lot more money than me. I think that's why I was so irritated. I mean, I was wearing Seven jeans and a DKNY tank top and carrying a Prada bag. What did she think, that I had just rolled out of the dumpster?!

    Long story short I know exactly how you feel. I didn't buy a damn thing that day and I never went back to that particular Saks.
  3. Good for you holding back the urge to smack your card onto her face!! :woohoo:

    Isnt it awful?? i keep wondering what it takes for people (in the customer ASSISTANCE business) to act that horribly towards their clients.. :sad:

  4. Well, I don't think it matters what brands you're wearing. They shouldn't be so rude to anybody! I understand they won't help giggling high school girls in jogging pants or whatever, but they should just do what they're being paid for!
    I love your action though ;)
  5. My friend had an encounter with a very snotty lady in a Versace store. He cussed her out in Italian and her mouth dropped.
  6. Personally for me, it was LV in Palo Alto. I would never purchase anything from that boutique again.

    Don't worry, my DH goes through it all the time and he doesn't really care.
    He dresses nice for work, but on the weekends, he LOVES his GAP clothes, so I don't bother him. He such a sweet guy!
    Anyhow, he just finds another SA to help him and goes all out. :p
  7. Big mistake...HUGE!
  8. :lol:
  9. ^^:roflmfao: "Well, I have to go shopping now!"
  10. My DH is the same way! dresses nice for work, and on the weekends he goes for comfort!

    Unfortunately for my DH "inga" was the only person in the store to "help", not only that, she OWNS the gawdammn place!

  11. :lol::lol::lol:
  12. DH and I had the same problem at Shreve's in San Francisco when we were shopping for my engagement ring 5 years ago. Shreve's is this very well established, been around for years type of jewelry store in the city. It's kind of an institution here.

    When we walked in together, we made a beeline for the engagement rings. We stood there for several minutes and we were COMPLETELY ignored. Not one salesperson even looked our way. And it's not like we were teenagers when we were looking! After a few minutes, when all the salespeople still didn't acknowledge us and they were helping other people, we walked out.

    Needless to say, I told DH that I NEVER want anything from that store. Ever. As long as I live. We gladly spent our considerable budget for my engagement ring elsewhere!
  13. This is horrible. This happened to me too but it was a little different. I asked for this shirt I wanted and the SA said there is no more available, I asked her what size is the one the maniqui is wearing, and she looked at me and said "I dont think it'll fit you, its a small" I said ok I'll take it, she had to undress the maniqui to give me the shirt, (jacket, hat, jewerly, other shirts on top, you know how they dress them) and when she handed over to me I said, never mind, I'll take that one, pointing another maniqui. Stupid skinny ass b*** I weigh 120 lbs and I am a size 5. WTF!

    My best friend was shopping for her dream wedding dress years ago, she went into this store in AZ looking for an especific dress, she knew how much it was. She ask for it and the SA said to her, "dont you want to see a cheaper one" she went to another store in CA when they ask her why she didnt get from AZ, she told how bad the service was in AZ
  14. Sales agents like to judge you by your cover....
    but most people with $$ are not always dressed to the nines....
    I wonder just how many sales they lose because of this?
  15. I so loved that bit :smile: