My poor Chihuahua has a tumor on his foot :(

  1. My mom took him to the vet for me on Saturday and the vet said it was definitely a tumor...we are putting cream on it and watching it for a week or so.

    I guess there are 3 types of doggie tumors: 2 are not dangerous, but 1 type is:confused1:

    I am just praying that poor little Bentley's tumor gets smaller...that means that the tumor is the harmless type.

    Has anyone else's dog had a tumor? What happened?!!? I am kind of freaked out right now:shrugs:
  2. Im sorry to hear this. Its never happend with my dogs but Im sending good vibes Bentley way!
  3. I sure hope that you have good news on little Bentley's tumor. My dear beloved late dog Penny had a "fatty" tumor underneath her skin on the side. It was rather unsightly but was harmless. The vet said that it was not causing her any pain so removal would be unnecessary. Keeping fingers crossed for Bentley...and for you.
  4. Sending positive thoughts to you and Bentley. Over the years our dogs have tumors, but not on the feet. Just about everywhere else, tho. Usually they were benign, but boxers are cancer-prone, so a few have been malignant. They were removed without problems in most cases.

    Bentley will hopefully be ok. I understand how worried you must be.:heart:
  5. I am so sorry to hear about that! I really hope Bentley gets better ASAP, hang in there, the vet will do all that they can to ensure Bentely gets quality care. I have never had a dog with a tumor, so I can't help with that wisdom.

    Hope everything turns out great, and keep us all posted. :flowers:
  6. My old dog Nikki had a few tumors, one on her leg also, but they were all harmless. They showed up as she got older. Hopefully the same is true for Bentley, I think it's pretty common. Let us know what you find out:heart: :heart:
  7. I'll be saying a prayer for Bentley,I wouldn't worry too much most tumors are harmless.
  8. Thanks, everyone!! You all made me feel alot better :smile:

    I will keep ya posted on his situation!
  9. What kind of tumor did you vet say this was? There are benign and malignant tumors... Did you biopsy the tumor? And what kind of cream are you having to put on? Is it removable? The prognosis of the tumor depends on what it is and the stage of the disease... I hope it will turn out for the best. HUGS...!!!
  10. I'm sorry to hear this couturegrl! Lucy once had a lump above her right leg and I had to go through the whole biopsy process. Thank goodness it was negative (it may have been a cyst as a vaccination reaction). I know waiting is so stressful. I hope everything turns out negative. :heart: You got him to the vet right away and I'm sure that makes a difference.

  11. The vet is having us put Cortaid cream on his tumor to see if it gets smaller/larger/does nothing.

    The vet does not want to biopsy the tumor bc if it is the bad kind, the biopsy could cause the cancer to spread?!?!

    If it gets ANY larger, I am just having it removed.

    Thanks for your sweet words, everyone!!:yes:
  12. aw, i hope it gets smaller! when i worked at a vets the doctors did fine needle aspirates to check if it was a fatty mass or not. i'm not sure if fatty tumors are the "good" tumors your vet means. that might ease your mind tho. i saw a lot of patients at the practice whose dogs had fatty tumors that grew, too, so even if it doesn't get smaller, try not to worry :smile:
  13. sorry to hear that.. hope it will get smaller soon..
  14. Still sending good thoughts your way and hoping Bentley will be fine. That's a very handsome dog!
  15. I hope your baby will be fine at the end ... <<HUGS>>