My poor baby...

  1. got neutered today. He's so restless and can't seem to get comfortable. And he HATES that elizabethan collar they told me to have him wear. Is there anything I can do to make him comfortable? I feel so sorry for him...
  2. aww... you could try taking the collar off and watch him to make sure he doesn't bite or scratch at his stitches. Then maybe he could go to sleep for the rest of the night.
  3. Aww...the poor thing. My doggie got used to the collar after a little bit. He was glad to get it off once it was all done though.
  4. I actually took some old socks and wrapped them around the plastic part where they weave the gauze through to hold it around there neck. I sewed a little stitch around all three to hold the socks in place.
    My dog was so much more comfortable because the plastic digs into there necks.
  5. Aww poor baby, mine is neutered in 2 months and I already dread the day and pity him, hope its over soon!
  6. I understand--they look so sad with those collars on!!!

    It's surprising how well pets can adapt to wearing the collars--usually within a day or two. If they aren't licking or pulling at the incision, you can possibly take the collar off.

    When one of my boys was neutered, he hated the collar, so I took it off. When he went to lick the incision, I would show him the collar, and he would stop immediately! You might want to see if that works.

    How is your little guy doing?
  7. Michelle-how is your little guy doing?
  8. My dog adapted to even wearing a huge collar. Just takes some getting used to.

    When she got spayed I went to pick her up and she peed all over me as soon as she was in my arms. The vet said she must have been scared and was holding it in and as soon as I got there she relaxed. I litterally had pee running all through my clothes into my shoes. Looking back on it I guess it was pretty funny. The next time I picked her up after an overnight at the vet I was really careful not to hold her too close right away!
  9. ^^ that's funny!

    Grey is doing fine. He got used to the collar the next day...he's still licking at the stitches so I can't leave it off yet. He actually lifts his head up now so that I can put the collar on him. The site looks like it's healing well. Thanks for all the advice everyone! =)