My poor baby had to go to the emergancy vet this weekend!

  1. My sweet little baby split his one of his nails down the middle. It was so weird it did not break off, just split vertical. It bleed so bad and scared me to death! The vet fixed him fine but going to the after hours vet was very hard for me. The last time we had to be there our sweet little dog Jake passed away. This was the my first time back and it was very emotional! It has been over a year now but he will always be in my heart.
  2. The first pic is Trace who hurt his paw this weekend! The second pic is Jake who has passed away.
    S3500414.JPG S3500387.JPG
  3. Hope it heals up fine! :heart:
  4. Poor baby. I know those nails bleed a LOT. They can really scare you. I'm glad he is fixed up now. Jake looks like a very sweet boy and he will always be with you.
  5. Trace is super, super cute! Those toenails bleed like crazy, but not to worry!
  6. What cute dogs! I am so glad to hear he is doing fine.

    It is so hard when we lose a pet - I am sure it must have been really difficult to be at the vet where Jake passed away. :crybaby:
  7. Aww poor Trace, hope he gets better soon!
    Jake is very beautiful, and i'm sure he still thinks of you too.:tender:
    Many (((hugs))) for you as i know how hard it is to lose a furbaby. xx
  8. :sad: I'm glad he's better, and I'm sorry for Jake's passing:sad: *hugs*
  9. Your babies are precious:heart: I hope Trace has a speedy recovery! Your beautiful Jake will be with you always. I truly believe you will one day be reunited with him:heart:

    Hugs to you & God Bless!
  10. So sad about Jake, I hope Trace feels better soon!
  11. Thanks for all the kind words!