My poor abused black city...

  1. Well, I'm vacationing with my boyfriend and his family in florida and have unwilling had to take my bbag to the beach a couple times. I'm sure this can't be good for the leather. Do anyone have any suggestion on how to clean after this type of abuse? :confused1:
  2. apple cleaner & conditioner should do the trick. did you take it to the you have any salt stains....
  3. Just condition it I think...I've been in the same position before. Now I carry a little canvas bag inside my b-bag that I can slip it in when that happens (I live in California, so impromtu trips to the beach happen frequently). :smile:
  4. Thank you ladies!

    Sekmeht no I don't think I have any salt stains...or at least I hope not. In case I do, what do you suggest?

    pippop thanks - they were definitely inpromtu trips!
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