my pooor baby =(

  1. my silly, crazy, fearless doggie has just been "scarred"... she was fighting with a 2m long monitor lizard (which apparently was living in one of the drains at home:wtf:) over the weekend... and that lizard took 2 bites out of her face :crybaby:

    here are pics her scarred face, dad's been applying an antibiotic cream to the bites and thankfully he says its healing up well so far... sigh my poor baby! i think we're more horrified by the bites than she is, apparently she was so crazy excited fighting with the monitor lizard that she didn't even seem to notice her injured face
    (she's looking a bit damp because she just had a bath!)
  2. awww poor baby!!
    Belly rubs to your puppy..they look like they're healing not too bad.
  3. Poor doggie! If it starts acting weird take him to the vet asap.
  4. Oh she is precious...
    Those eyes and that nose.
    I hope she gets better soon.
  5. thanks... i hope she gets better soon too! it pains me to see her looking like that :sad: (stupid monitor lizard :cursing: even though i suppose it was acting in self defense!)

    i think she should be alright, dad's a (human) doctor and so is mum, and so far every time my dog's gotten sick both of them have nursed her back to health pronto! haha, even our family friend who's a vet tells us not to bother taking her to see an "animal" doctor unless its something very serious :lol: so i think she's in safe hands!
  6. Hehe, cool!
  7. awww what a little cutie face too!! Hope she gets better soon! Give her lots of smoochies!
  8. Poor thing, hope she gets better soon!
  9. Oh, wow. That's awful! Do you live in the tropics, then? We don't have anything close to lizards here in Maryland (thankfully).

    My first thought was, did he go to the vet, but after reading further down in the posts I see that your parents are doctors. That must be a relief! Do they suggest antibiotics? I don't know anything about lizards, but they seem gross and it seems like they might carry awful germs.

    Hope your baby feels better soon!
  10. Aaaaw, poor thing :sad: I hope she recovers quickly and she is soooo cute :love:
  11. what a sweetie! if it makes you feel any better, our baby black lab (who is the cutest, but not so many brains ;)) got a similar sized wound when he ran into a shovel. now (1 year later) you can not even tell that it happened!
  12. Awww, the baby!!! She is so cute.
  13. What a precious doggie. Good thing your parents are doctors. Lots of belly rubs for her. She'll heal soon enough.
  14. Every doggie ends up with a few war wounds. This will only make her more charming. Poor little thing though, getting in a tangle with a nasty reptile.
  15. hopefully she get well soon! she's brave tho :tup: