My Pond Tote and Mini Skinny Finally Arrived

  1. I know others have posted pics of this bag already but I LOVE the color and wanted to show it off with my new Mini Skinny.
    Pond Tote.jpg Skinny.jpg
  2. beautiful color, congrat's..
  3. Beautiful color! I am really liking this bag! It may be my next purchase!
  4. Love that color!
  5. I like the color!! can u post modeling pics?
  6. Don't ever appologise for show brag photos!!! I missed the unvailing of your Pond Tote...But...LOVE IT!!! What size is it? That Mini Skinny makes me want a matching something myself...I don't have a matching anything wallet with my bags...I just have to decide which is my FAVORITE bag...And get a matching wallet now...:yes:

    CONGRADULATIONS...You'll be the envy of many woman...:yes:
  7. Love the color!!:tup:
  8. Love your wallet.
  9. I love that pond color!!!! CONGRATS!!! :smile:
  10. OOOOh! I love the color of that mini skinny!!
  11. do you think they will make a beauty case that will match???
  12. Wow!! Such a pretty spring color - love the matched set. Enjoy her!
  13. beautiful, looks great together! congrats! :tup:
  14. Very nice! Congrats on your new pond ergo. Enjoy!
  15. very beautiful set!! Congrats