my pond set is complete! and some other coach tidbits... (peektures!!!)


Jessica Val
May 16, 2008
finally! :yahoo:

i found a used pond wallet and it came today! :nuts: it came kinda filthy and i worked on it with apple cleaner, conditioner and baby wipes on the legacy lining. it is about half a shade darker than my wristlet and satchel, but it's close enough i think! i'm happy! :yahoo:

i was actually resigned to using a blue bleecker patent wallet (see pic 3) to stand in for the missing pond wallet, but before i could even use the bleecker, the pond appeared! :yahoo:

just a peek of a couple of other tidbits!

i got coin purses for my kisslock bags! got the perfect one for the rose bag, and the teal legacy for the butterfly - after it arrived, i realised that even the metallic blue trim matched the butterfly, which has a metallic blue body! :yahoo:

i also got the coveted key and lock charm which was selling for more than $100 on the bay recently! coincidentally, seller was a tpfer! :nuts: she accepted my offer of $45. when it arrived, i finally understood why the prices could get so high - this charm is HUGE and HEAVY. i removed a big O ring so that it fits better on my black legacy pouch. :yes:

still persisting in my hunt for my remaining items! rose wristlet, rose wallet, The Ladybug Purse (sigh!)! also wouldn't mind a gardenia shoulder bag!

that's a little update from little old me! :heart: i know i still have yet to do a collection post - soon soon! it seems that i'm always waiting for things to arrive, so i'm always putting it off! hehe! am expecting another box in the next couple of weeks!


Jan 2, 2008
Wow, you sure do have a pond collection dragonette! :heart: everything! Thats great to hear that you found what you wanted! Everything is so pretty, congrats!


Dec 26, 2008
WOW!!! i love your pond collection its tdf. i really love that legacy satchel in pond but i think by now it would probably be very hard to find. :sad: Congrats on your beautiful collections!:smile:


Dec 28, 2007
Sunny Arizona
What an absolutely beautiful set!! I noticed that the pond wallet was no longer on your "wish list" and wasn't sure if you found one or not. It's so exciting when you finally find something that you have been looking for for such a long time. I'm sure you'll find your remaining items, it just takes time. By then, I'm sure you'll have more things on your list (it never seems to end, does it?).


Dreamer of dreams
Feb 27, 2008
Lovely! I so want that dot scarf!! It's so cute! I love the lock and key charms. I need me one of those ;)


**My Snow Pup**
Jul 6, 2007
New England
Beautiful set dragonette! Congrats on finding your missing piece :woohoo:! I will keep an eye out for your other items!