My Pomme Agenda is sooo yummy!!!!

  1. Soooo I finally got off my butt & took pics of my new agenda I got a few days ago. :graucho: I loooooove the Pomme line!! Everything from the Pomme d' Amour line is soo sexy and I am starting off with the agenda as my first piece! :yahoo:

    I didn't buy the LV agenda refills b/c they were a little too expensive so I made my way to PAPER SOURCE ( a store at South Coast Plaza) and they carried Filofax refills and they fit perfectly and work just as well too for about $10!!!! :biggrin:

    Oh yeah, while I was @ LV---I saw their new WHITE/Cream Mini Lin line thats coming soon and I put in for special order for the SPEEDY!!!!!!! Has anyone seen this line yet? It won't be available til March 1st! :yahoo:

    I loved my SA! Her name is something complicating but she goes by " MONEY."



    andddd, I also received this today too from a friend. :love: It's a Vintage Marly Bandouliere that I am going to use for school to put all of my pens n etc gadgets in!


  2. :yahoo:Congrats! :yahoo: I love the pomme line as well:love: .
  3. beautiful agenda. Pomme is such a gorgeous color, deep and rich. Congratulations
  4. :heart: Shiny Shiny Pretty Pretty! :heart: Congratulations!

    Thanks for info on refills. I'll be going to South Coast to get mine too because I can't find any Charmmy or Hello Kitty ones here or on eBay.
  5. Congrats! The pomme is beautiful!
  6. I love it! Congrats! I must get a pomme agenda :heart:
  7. Congrats, tickemethu!
  8. congrats! I got my pomme agenda about a month ago and am using it as a wallet...I love pulling it out of my pretty!
  9. Lovely!! Congratulations!!!
  10. yayy!!! thanks all!!!!!!!!!

    I was sooo happy to find the Filofax refills! They fit just the same and are MUCH less expensive!!

    Btw, the Paper Source store is across the street from the mall where The Container Store is . :smile:~
  11. Yummy! Congrats!
  12. Pomme agenda is sooo sexy!
  13. I am loving the new leather smell.
  14. congrats! I have a pom agenda too, I love it!
  15. So it's outside of South Coast Plaza? Will be visiting OC next month and we always make a stop to South Coast so any info that will shorten my hunt will be appreciated by my impatient family :rolleyes: