My pomeranian got attacked by a pit-bull

  1. This happened awhile ago but I am getting so mad right now I just wanted to share.

    My pom 'Thor' was on a walk with my husband and my two little boys. Out of nowhere this huge pit-bull runs out of his yard and up behind my husband. My dog rolled onto his belly to show submission - which he NEVER does (if anyone has a pom you know they think they are top dog). Then the PB picks up Thor and shakes him. A lady came running out and yelling. Then the PB picks Thor up again and shakes him. The lady yells again and PB runs into his yard. (there was also another PB there watching).

    Long story short I got him to the hospital and he was in and out for about 4 weeks. The vet tech. told me later that when she first saw him she thought "this dog will never make it - if we can stitch him up he'll get infected and go through a liot of pain".
    But he made it through really well - NO infections or anything.

    The a-hole who owns the put-bull has gone missing. He said he would pay but never has (vet bills were $1200 - which is pretty low for that amount of damage but a 7 pound dog doesn't require much).

    The thing that I am really mad about is that I keep seeing pit-bulls running LOOSE in my town. :cursing: I live in a small town that is 50% kids under the age of 6. I don't know why anyone would have PB in this town anyway - the backyards are soooo small.

    I have to drive 2 blocks to go to the park now because I can't risk walking my boys around this town.

    Here's some pics (I attached them with facebook because they are pretty graphic so I didn't want to just put them here).
  2. Hi Nyria, I am really sorry this happened to you. I would be absolutely furious!! The nerve of some people!! I see that happening around here too, actually where I used to live, these two pitbulls would wander from the next street over down our street and the owners would then come looking for them. I was asked once if i saw them, but it happened a few times. It's irresponsible for others' safety as well as the safety of their own dogs!!!
    We had to avoid going near their house when walking our chi because they'd always be out in the front yard.
    That is against the law. Also do people not know their pets or is it lack of common sense, ignorance??

    How is Thor doing now?
    by the way, on facebook it wont let me see your pictures.
  3. Poor Thor! So glad he is doing better.

    All dogs, not just pits should not be running loose. I rescued a pit once and she was the sweetest and most loving dog in the world.

    I hope Thor continues to get better!
  4. Oh my god, those pictures make me so sad!! He must have been in shock because that is one huge gash! I can't even imagine how you felt, or how stressed out that made you. Thank god he's still alive, the little fighter, he really is a Thor!!
    plus all that time recouperating...I would be the most stressed out person in the world.

    It's also typical that the owner decided to run out on the bill. I hope he gets his karma, ripe as peaches.
  5. I'm sorry to hear about your doggie! I'm glad that he is getting better!
  6. Oh, Nyria, I am so sorry to hear about this...I am afraid to click on the link :sad:

    This is my worst nightmare...I am SO GLAD your dog is OK.

    I really hope that the owner of the dog who attacked yours gets some legal/financial consequences.
  7. Actually he was out for those pics. The vet had to put him out even to change bandaids because of the pain :sad:
    He got lots of drugs - that lucky dog ;)
  8. OH MY GOD...Just looking at those pictures tore me up. Im so sorry for Thor. How scary for the him, and your family. Pit bulls are scary as hell when they are aggresive. All I can say is THANK THE LORD your little guy is ok. Miracles never cease. As for the owner of the pit bull, what a true a**hole in every since of the word. I never was a believer of what comes around goes around as I hate cliches, however, as I have gotten older this has proven to be true time and again. He will get his.
    Im so happy your baby is on the mend! I bet your children were more than thrilled!!:heart::heart:
  9. Oh my goodness! I felt sick just reading your story! I can't imagine how that must have felt for you to watch your dog being attacked so viciously! I'm so glad that your dog is better now, but still! I really hope that you can find the PB's owner and hold them responsible for their dog's behavior.

    I can't understand why anyone would keep a vicious animal as a pet.
  10. OMG! I was tearing up looking at those pics :crybaby: Poor doggie. I feel bad for you....I don't know how I would've handled that situation. I'm glad Thor is doing better :smile:
  11. Those pics made me so sad =( I hope your doggy feels better!!! Pit bulls really should be banned...there was a news story here locally [in DC] too... A man was walking his dog when a pitbull attacked him and his dog...his dog might not live and its costing him $1000+ per day to keep it in the hospital.. :cry:

    Owners really should have better control over their pets...especially vicious ones like pit bulls.
  12. OMG!! Those pictures! WOW...poor baby....that SOB better take care of your vet bills. Have you thought of small claims court?
  13. I would have called the police then animal control. It is against the law to allow your dog off leash. At the very least this piece of crap should get a heavy fine and have to pay your vet bills. I am so glad Thor made it through that attack. He must be a real fighter to have healed up so quickly and nicely. You must have a great vet too. Those pics are really scary.
  14. OMG your poor dog I am so sorry that happened & glad he survived & is doing well. Those bloody pitbulls are so dangerous, one killed a child in UK recently!