My POCKET Paddington is here! From Kirna Zambete

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  1. IT'S HERE!!!!!

    Here are some pics of my new tan pocket paddy.

    It was 50% off at Kirna Zambete. Folami Greene was my SA and she was so so lovely!!!

    The bag is uber slouchy and soft. I haven't found a name for her yet.

    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg
  2. Congratulations frayed! :yahoo:I have the same exact bag and love it to pieces.
  3. Wow!! You got a real beauty!! So pebbly and smooshy. :happydance: The color tan is so pretty and versatile too. I love the medium pocket Paddy style :love: (I have one in black). Congratulations and thank you for posting pics of your gorgeous bag!
  4. Congrats....
    It's pretty!!
  5. Is it still on sale? Do you think Nordies can price match this ? Thanks!
  6. gosh, I love that bag.
    I bet you were delighted when it arrived :smile:

    congrats, its a keeper :biggrin:
  7. Tan is my favorite and it really suits the pocket style. Congrats!!
  8. CONGRATS!!! It's gorgeous!!!!!
  9. It is so pebbly I just want to take a bite out of it :upsidedown:

    Love it :heart: Love it:heart: Love it :heart:

    You scored MAJOR! :wlae:
  10. It looks heavenly! How is the tan? Does it have orange tones at all?
  11. ooh! LOVE IT! congrats!
  12. Fantastic! She's a beauty, congratulations!
  13. Frayed, she's beautiful!!! You did really well with that sale! Congrats!
  14. my tan is not as orange in those pics, a bit more neutral!

    thankyou girls, im so inlove with her! i was going to take her out today but it's raining so she stays indoors for today :ninja:
  15. GORGEOUS color!