My Pocket in the City (PICS)

  1. [​IMG]Hi Everyone. It took me awhile to post these, but I figured it was long overdue. My PITC in Brown. I love it. I use it as my everyday bag. The compliments are endless.
  2. Eh...I am not a great picture poster. My comment was cut off above.
    Anyway, that is my PITC in brown. I love it! I use it as my everyday bag. Wish I had it in black too! LOL
  3. very pretty! congrats!
  4. Looks like a great every day bag.
  5. Nice! I love how functional that bag is.
  6. yes...very functional. Great work bag for professionals too. I have been carrying it for over three weeks and I guess in all my glory I didnt find the time to get the pics on here! LOL

    Pond23- you were right! AWESOME BAG! My favorite.
  7. I love it. Congrats!:heart:
  8. I love the color and the leather and how you can use it everyday
  9. Lovely, congrats!!
  10. Congrats! I love your bag! It's so gorgeous IRL.
  11. ohhhhhh now you're renewing my interest/obsession in this was the very first Chanel that I went to try on, and I figured it was a great bag for work.

    ugh ugh ugh now I am craaaavvvvviiiinnnngggg your gorgeous bag!! Congratulations - wear it proudly, b/c I think it's a great bag :tup:
  12. I have this bag in black and I love it, even though I haven't actually used it yet!:shame: Soon I will. Anyway, congrats on your beautiful bag, it looks great in the brown, so verstile. Enjoy it always!
  13. Congrats, and if it's functional, that's only a bonus!
  14. Lovely bag.

  15. Wow wow wow! I love it!!!:yes: