My Pochette Fleur is here!! YAY!

  1. I am in LOVE!! These pics were taken in the car, haha, I was that excited.

    All wrapped up pretty ...




    The strap has never been used! Also, the seller sent along a little pair of pearl earrings. So nice!


  2. That's gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. Two modeling pics with the strap in BF's messy room ... his comment: "that's what all that money bought?" :roflmfao:

    Cross body on the longest hole.


    Shoulder on the smallest hole

  4. Congrats :yahoo:
  5. Simply stunning - Congrats!!

    You look fab in those pics!

    I absolutely love the patina on your bag as well. Completely drool worthy!
  6. Aww congrats, it's so pretty! And it looks great on you!
  7. Congratulations!!
  8. Congrats! It really is pretty on you! Enjoy!
  9. It's GORGEOUS!!!! (both of you!):love:
  10. It's lovely..Congrats!!!
  11. OMG!! That is sucha adorable bag!! congrats!
  12. You look fab! Happy Birthday!

    About his comment, I dont know whether it is better to have a Purse hating man or one who likes to spend purse money just as much as you do on LV! I think I'd rather have one who doesn't understand bag-love that lets me pick girlie things for myself instead of "unisex/community" bags! :graucho: hehe
    More purse money for just you!
  13.'s gorgeous and looks great on you!
  14. Congrats!! Great modeling pics.

  15. Awww...Congrats!!!

    It's such a BEAUTY!!